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Discount Description
ONLY $24.99 Now Two large 1-topping pizzas, Order of breadsticks or breadstick bites & 2-liter for $24.99
$5 OFF Purchase $20 + And Get $5 Off For Online
$5 OFF Order $20+ And Get $5 Off
ONLY $14.99 Get 1 Large Pizza + 3 Toppings Only For $14.99
ONLY $8.99 Buy 1 Topping Medium Pizza Only For $8.99


The story starts from a small mining town in Turkey, where Varol Ablak and his father lived. His father was a mining engineer and so he had a portable job. This job took the family from Turkey to Essen then to Germany then to Canada and eventually they settled in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. After finishing his college degree, Varol thought of following his father’s steps but he did not find his calling in mining engineering. So, he followed his heart which led to a lot of hard times, even washing dishes at a pizza counter. This was the turning point in his life where he fell in love with the pizza concept and at the age of 24, he opened his small business ‘all-you-can-eat-pizza’ outlet at Chalmette, Louisiana. Within four years this venture was a great success and led to a whole franchise in his hometown Pittsburg with new tactics and more strategized advertisements. This landed them with a skyrocketing business and more than a hundred outlets. Varol understood that to keep his business running, his priority should be his customers and that is what makes Vocelli a successful pizza outlet.


Voral and his father brought originality to their pizzas and more fresh items. The produce used is never a day old and the items are freshly picked from the closest farm; the wheat used is top-notch quality. The veggies and the meat is always fresh. Canned food is not used in this franchise and that makes their pizza more delicious and attractive.

Vocelli pizza provides a lot of delicious food items on their menu as follows:

  • Artisan Pizza
  • Appetizers
  • Rolls
  • Subs
  • Pizza
  • Salad
  • Pasta
  • Stromboli
  • Desserts
  • Beverages
  • Catering

The online profile that Vocelli pizza has put up has all these options. If you want to order online, there are some mouthwatering pictures of their biggest hits like the BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA, DELUXE PIZZA, MEAT MAGNIFICO, HAWAIIN PIZZA, BUFFALO CHICKEN PIZZA, QUATTRO PIZZA, GARLIC SPINACI, SPRING VEGGIE, MAC AND CHEESE PIZZA, REDTOP. These are the customers’ most favorite and most positive reviewed items.


Vocelli pizza does not provide a military discount for active duty veterans and officers or retired officers. There has been no updated news about any military discount from the company. If any offers are available for this category, they will be incorporated into the online website and people can check out if any new update comes to light.


Pizza and students always come in the same sentence. For any pizza-making company, it is their principal strategy to appeal to the student mass. The teenagers love fast food and when you have them as your loyal customers, then word spreads like fire for the company. Thus, the company must have a positive review from the youngsters. Vocelli pizza always had a positive review from the kids but unfortunately, there is no separate discount for the students. There are a lot of offers available for all, but offers just for students are still yet to be incorporated by the company.


Pizza is a food that is appealing for all kinds of age groups. They are loved by kids, young adults, and also senior citizens. They prefer going on strolls and end up having pizza from a neighborhood outlet. Vocelli’s pizza has always prioritized its customer and they have respect for all kinds of age groups and always focus on what the customer needs. But it is still a ‘no’ when it comes to senior citizen discounts, as of now. There are a lot of lucrative offers overall but separately discounts for a certain age group of people are still not implemented by the company yet. But don’t get disheartened, the company renews their policy often and there might be new changes done in the discount sections.


Teachers are the building blocks of society and hence they are always busy and always working. Sometimes, to save time they prefer to take a detour and visit the pizza shops. They are also a very connected community and when they are respected, slowly customers will increase during lunchtime and post-school breaks. Vocelli’s pizza salutes their contribution towards the growth of society and also encourages them to continue their great work. There have been no discounts specifically for the teachers just yet. They have discounts on various occasions but not constant discounts for teachers till now.

Do not feel bad for not getting a discount, because the company evolves every day and any day they can update on their discounts and offers.


What makes a pizza more delicious? Your favorite pizza - same size, the same level of cheesiness, but pay less. Yes! Vocelli pizza provides special discounts on some of their deliciousness. It is provided on some special occasions like national holidays or some festivals. They spread the joy by giving back more to the customers, showing gratitude for bringing them to where they are today. There are offers on famous pizzas, pasta, and so many more items that they are famous for. Sometimes, sides are also given as a free deal for a meal on those specific days. Special discounts and offers on food bring more people together to their shops and more marketing is done. These offers are very strategic moves that are done by the company to attract more customers and more success and great reviews for the place.


Vocelli pizza has an online portal as well for those who prefer online orders. The company provides a 2-points reward for those who are signing up for the first time and ordering from them. There are other small discounts on the order when it is the first time for a customer and ordering with discounts gives them an incentive to come back for more to the franchise over and over again. People get more hitched when they find a few dollars reduced from their bill and will keep on coming back for more. With the company's special offers and several discount packages, all kinds of age groups are attracted to the Vocelli pizza menu when they want to have good fast food for snacks or lunch or dinner. Let it be a single night or a house party, Vocelli’s pizza has your back. 


BOGO as in ‘buy one get one deal’. In these kinds of offers, the company provides a certain pizza or an item free with the item you ordered. There are certain criteria for these offers to be valid like there are certain times where you ordered more than an amount limit and then these offers get activated. Sometimes, for grand occasions, maybe company anniversary, these offers are given in some outlets. Vocelli pizza has these offers but not too often. There are certain holidays or festivals like Christmas when you buy more they give you these great offers.


Vocelli has walk-in outlets for locals. Those who stay far away from the outlet and cannot come for a walk-in or drive-through do the online ordering. There, you can customize your order the way you want it to be. Similarly, there are other websites and online ordering apps that deliver food and there are shops that allow these companies to deliver to your location. There is no free delivery as such, sometimes as an offer, the delivery fee is canceled. When you order from the other online ordering companies, they provide some in-house offers for some shops and restaurants where they reduce the delivery fee.


The online coupons are for those customers who have been ordering via their website. These coupons give them the same advantage as the walk-in customers. They will also get the same deal for those who are unable to be at the store on those special days or occasions. There are certain ways that these coupons are given. Mostly, it is a deduction of the food item cost and that has always worked pretty well with the customers because they are satisfied to stay home and get amazing mouthwatering food being delivered at their doorstep and not only that, the icing on the top is that they pay less than usual. Certain coupons can also be used later as the next order or as a gift voucher. There is an option where you have to enter your location in the online portal of the company and when you do that, automatically all the available offers for that particular region will come up. You insert the coupon code while billing and your bill will get refreshed and the new reduced bill amount will show.


As of the latest, there is an offer prevailing on the website. There is a 2-point reward from the company that is signing up for the first time. These rewards are collected and can be used for other orders. These rewards are not like store credit. You cannot use a reward that has been offered online in a walk-in outlet. It is only applicable in your online mode. There are other rewards given to those customers who ordered in bulk for get-togethers or parties. There is another offer that is available on the online site, a $5 reduction on the large pizzas’. Sometimes, these rewards come with the condition, and when you shop accordingly as a thank you, the company provides these small tokens of appreciation for the loyal customers.


There is an option as ‘contact us’ on their online site as well as if you google the company, a service number is provided along with the mail id. You can contact them if there are some issues with the order you placed, for example, a mishap or you got the wrong order. If there has been a deduction of money for an order that has been canceled, this is the number where you call and clear out all your issues. The company’s main objective is to satisfy the customers. Their prime motive is to keep the people happy. Varol believes that business is the people and not the money so they will try to fix your issues as early as possible. 


Vocelli is famous for its pizza and pasta and other dishes that they make out of absolutely famous produce. They are in the food industry and gift cards are not really a common thing in the food industry. Gift cards are more of a fashion industry strategy and since Vocelli pizza do not provide any birthday discount, hence gift card is also not an option in this award-winning pizza company.


Deals of the day is a very common strategy for effective marketing of the company. Vocelli’s pizza keeps deals-of-the-day offers too. Mostly these offers are provided offline and online. When you check your location and the possible offers provided, the company provides a scheme where they show the deals of the day. Sometimes they use this option in an opening of a new store where they provide free food items for those first hundred or fifty customers to walk in. This way they gather more crowd and more free publicity is done.


When it is time for the big holidays like Christmas or 4th of July, when most of the country is in a relaxed mood, these offers are given by the company. 50% off is a very lucrative offer for foodies and they will definitely stroll by the store during these times. People enjoy good food at home and so they order in, spend more time with loved ones. Vocelli itself is a father-son bonded company and they value the bond of family very much, that is why these big discounts are arranged.