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Sign Up For Fresh Text Club And Get Free 9 Inch Cheese Dippers

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Get Your Wing Run Wings Sampler For $20 at Participating Location

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Get This Combo, 9 Inches Dippers + Any Medium Topping Pizza + Any Calzone Ring Only For $20

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Buy Any Pair of Medium Pizzas For $6.50 Each

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Now!! Large 1 Topping Stuffed Crust Pizza For $11

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Get 9 Inch Loaded Cheese Dippers For $6.49

Use This code And Get 9" loaded cheese dippers for $6.49. Only at participating locations. Not Valid With any other promotions or coupons. One coupon per customer. For dine-in, carryout or delivery (where available). Delivery charges or restrictions may a

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Buy Your Large Single Topping Pizza And Get $3 Off

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Purchase of 2 Medium 1 Topping Pizza For $6.50 Each

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Now!! Buy 2 Medium 1-Topping Pizza For $6.50

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Buy Any Pizza Purchase at Regular Price And Get Free 9 Inch Cheese Dippers

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Buy Large 2-Topping Pizza For $6.99 Each For Carryout Deal

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Get Your Topping Pizza And Nashville Hot Wings Only For $14

Grab This Coupon Code And Get This Mazzio's Combo: Get Large One Topping Pizza & Ten PC Boneless Nashville Hot Wings for $14. One coupon per customer. Offer good for Dine-in, Carryout or Delivery (where available). Certain Delivery restrictions or charges

Discount Description
FREE GIFT Sign Up For Fresh Text Club And Get Free 9 Inch Cheese Dippers
SALE Get Your Wing Run Wings Sampler For $20 at Participating Location
SALE Get This Combo, 9 Inches Dippers + Any Medium Topping Pizza + Any Calzone Ring Only For $20
PROMO CODE Buy Any Pair of Medium Pizzas For $6.50 Each
PROMO CODE Grab Your Large 1-Topping Pizza For $7.99

About Mazzio's pizza

The Mazzio's Pizza is an America-based Italian eatery chain that was first opened in the year of 1961 by a respected teacher named Ken Selby as a part-time business after his schooling hours. Gradually after 4 years he made it a full-time business and opened a 2nd branch which was named Ken's Pizza. Gradually he expanded his business and by the year 1975 he had almost 100 locations running with the help of franchise and the name was changed to Mazzio's Italian eatery.

In the 1970s, Ken came up with a new approach to his business to give new heights to his business. He thought of having more expanded dining space, a larger menu, newly introduced sandwiches, and pizzas with thick crust and more toppings. By the year 2018, they grew to about 150 locations in and around Oklahoma, Tulsa. And currently, they operate in around 165+ locations in the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texa, Arkansas, Kansas, Lowa, Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois. Mazzio's pizza is still providing its customers with the same heritage taste of Ken's pizza all over the USA with love and care.

Mazzio's Menu

The Mazzio's Italian eatery comes with a varied range of menu lists that can please every group age with their exclusive and unique taste. Let's get to know the widespread menu of the Mazzio's!

  • The first and foremost item on their menu list is their specialty, Mazzio's special thin and thick crust pizza. They offer several pizzas including Large topping pizza, ken's special supreme pizza, and their special all meat pizza is a must-try. They also offer a wide range of veggies for your pizza, and the best part is that you can make your own pizza with your favorite toppings
  • The next item on their list is pasta. They make very delicious pasta with a wide range of flavors and ingredients that can bring water to your mouth.
  • Apart from these, their menu houses a lot of tasty drinks and desserts to end a scrumptious meal. The lasagna portion is also very lucrative as Mazzio gives you the option of customizing your own lasagna dish. 

Does Mazzio's Have a Military Discount?

Mazzio's pizza respects all its customers and provides them with the best offers and food quality. They have a special respect for the military personnel and staff, they respect the contributions that soldiers make to keep them safe. But unfortunately, they do not have any special discount for the military, although they do offer some exciting deals and discounts on a veteran day and other special occasions. And you can always avail of their general discounts and offers by knowing from their website or by calling your nearest outlet. 

Does Mazzio's Have Student Discounts?

Almost every food chain and outlet's customer percentage has more youngsters and students, so they always try to make them happy by offering one or another deal. Although they do not have any special categorized discount offer for the students, they do provide seasonal, general, and occasional discounts on special festivals and days. So you can always avail them to get a pretty good deal on your meal and enjoy the same food with great taste at a great price. The best way to know about their ongoing offer is to call them or check their official website.  

Does Mazzio's Have a Senior Discount?

The Seniors are the respected elders of our society and they are respected and praised by everyone. The people at Mazzio's also praise the seniors with all due respect, but they do not have any special discount for the seniors because of the company policies. Generally, they always have some discounts and deals on their meal packages, so you can enquire about them from their website or by calling your nearest Mazzio station. They also provide special discounts and offer old-age days and other special occasions.

Does Mazzio's Have a Teacher Discount?

As mentioned above, Mazzio's pizza was opened by a teacher and many people who work here are teachers too, so they know their contributions to society and the young generation. They are the future makers of our society, so the Mazzio's respect them with all their hearts, that is why the Mazzio's often provide special discount offers dedicated to the teachers on weekdays. But they do not have any fixed discount for the teachers, although they encourage you to avail the general and special ongoing deals that they provide to all their customers. 

Does Mazzio's Have Special Discounts?

Yes, the Mazzio's are well-known for their special and occasional discounts. They always try to keep their customers happy and energized by offering them great combo meals and good deals on some products. The prices at the Mazzio's are already very fair and best in the range but they often offer special discounts on their selected products, and sometimes they also offer some occasional and seasonal discounts so that they can do justice to their loyal customers. You can always check about the ongoing offers and deals on their website or simply by calling your nearest Mazzio outlet.

Does Mazzio's Have First Order Discount?

The Mazzio's are fair to their every customer, and provide equal prices to all the buyers. All year round they have some or other discounts and deals running on their products. Additionally, when you register on their website for the first time with your mail id or you step into their outlet and tell your mail-id while ordering, then they send you a coupon on your mail as a welcome bonus. You can avail of this coupon for an interesting discount on your meal. Though this offer is valid in some selected outlets only.  

Does Mazzio's Have a BOGO deal?

BOGO deals are basically a Buy One Get One offer, and most of the food outlets offer this deal often. If you want the best deal on your meal at Mazzio's, then you are looking for the Buy One Get One deal (or BOGO) in the house. This is one of the best deals that can give you the food at a great deal and with the same taste. These deals are very rare and are offered occasionally on some selected items only, and they are also valid for a very short time. So always keep an eye on their website or be in touch with the outlets for grabbing the BOGO deals.

Does Mazzio's Have Free Delivery?

People love and always prefer companies that offer delivery options so that they get their product from the ease of their home or office. Mazzio's pizza provides both the takeaway and delivery options to their customers, but they do have some minimal charges for the delivery. But if you want a free delivery for your food then you can opt-out for some coupons from their site while ordering and get free delivery offers on your order. Generally, they have a fixed amount limit, and when you order above that amount then you automatically get free delivery on your food.

How to use Mazzio's Coupons Online?

Mazzio's pizza often provides different coupons and deals on their websites and some of the selected outlets. Their aim is to provide their customers with the best pricing and quality food and make them happier when they order. The coupons offered by Mazzio can be used both online and offline. If you want to use the coupons online, then you simply have to take the coupon code and put it in the coupon code space given in the checkout area, and then proceed with your order, and when you checkout then the offer is applied. 

Mazzio's Rewards

Rewards are loved by everyone, and when you get a reward because of your loyalty then you automatically get a smile on your face. Mazzio's Pizza loves to see that smile on their customers, that is why they have come up with a reward system for their loyal customers, who have been with them for years. You can register in the rewards section of their website and you get points with every order you place. Then you can use those points for redemption when you collect an eligible number of the points. By using the points you may get discounts on your further orders.

Mazzio's Returns

Returns and exchanges are a part of ordering something, and people expect an easy return and exchange policy from the company. But here at Mazzio's pizzas, there is no specified policy for return or exchange. They are perfect in their work and always provide you with the right food that you ordered with the best quality possible, so there is very little chance of you returning the food. But if anytime you need to return your order or exchange it, you may come to them and if the reason for return is genuine enough then you may get the exact amount of your order in return or can be exchanged with the item of the same amount.

Mazzio's Locations

Mazzio's pizza is vastly scattered in the states of the USA with the same great taste in all their outlets. They have grown exponentially with time and currently, they have about 165 outlets in ten different states. The oldest and first outlet was opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is still operational as a Mazzio's pizza outlet. The other famous outlets of Mazzi's pizza are located throughout the areas of Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texa, Arkansas, Kansas, Lowa, Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois.

Mazzio's Gift card

Everyone loves gifts, and if one gets pizzas or pasta as a gift then they love it even more. So Mazzio's pizza has a gift card that you can gift to your loved and dear ones on their birthdays or special occasions. These gift cards are of different amounts and values, so you can choose the best one for the gift, and you can simply send it to your loved ones by any means. You can also send the gift cards through email, and the receiver can redeem it from the website of Mazzio's or by simply going to their nearest outlets.

Mazzio's Shopping Tips

The Mazzio's pizza chain offers a wide range of menus with delicious items on their list, and you can choose any of them according to your budget and taste. The best way to get your food at the best price is to see the coupons and deals on the website or at the counter before ordering. There are many exclusive deals on the house occasionally or seasonally. The BOGO and 50% off deals are the best, so you should always keep an eye on them, and the rewards section is the real jackpot for plenty of discounts on your deal. 

Does Mazzio's have a Deal of the day?

If you want a good time with your loved ones at the Mazzio's or at your home with the food from Mazzio's at a very effective price range, then the Mazzio's have had you sorted. They always have one or another discount on their house, and they periodically introduce some deal of the day in their own unique way with their selected items. So you can always know about the deals of the day by simply logging into their official website or by calling the nearest outlet of the Mazzio pizzas.

Does Mazzio's have 50% Off?

Discounts are loved by everyone and at Mazzio's the customer satisfaction is counted as a priority. They offer regular effective discounts and coupons, and they also offer 50% discount offers sometimes on very special occasions, but they are valid for a very limited time. They are just like flash sales, till the stocks last. BOGO deals are often offered by them on some occasions, and BOGO deals are also counted as effective 50% deals as they save you almost the same amount of money on your meal. So you can always call the outlets of Mazzio's or check their website for the best deals and discounts running or the ones which are coming.