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Discount Description
SALE Make Your First Order On Godfather's Pizza And Earn 2,500 Points
$3 OFF Buy Large Pizza And Get $3 Off
$4 OFF Buy Large Specialty Pizza And Get a Medium 1-Topping Pizza For $3.99
$1 OFF Now! $1 OFF For Your Small Pizza
$4 OFF Grab $4 Off On Jumbo Pizza

About Godfather's Pizza

With headquarters in Omaha, in the state of Nebraska, USA, the Godfather's Pizza has many pizza express and casual fast Italian restaurants on the franchise in many locations. Founded in the year 1973, the restaurant sold the very first franchise in the very next year. The owner Willy Thielsen then sold the company to Pillsbury in the year 1985 and yet the brand of Godfather was bought back from Pillsbury to remain a private brand by 1990. The company had more than 450 locations in its chain by the end of the year 2016. They are also operating in many different Speedway locations and are found in the Minit Mart locations in north Tennessee and Kentucky.

While there is no specific history on why the restaurant was named so, the commercials for this restaurant chain features references to the famous movie series Godfather. There have been contentions on which of the Godfathers is featured more in the commercial. But it is notable that the Godfathers in both the movies were from Omaha, the same place where the restaurant was first established. The restaurant serves a whole gamut of pizzas, including the rice flour pizza for those who seek gluten-free alternatives.

Godfather's Pizza menu

Piled up with loads of fresh ingredients, the pizzas from Godfather's Pizza are quite an extravagant affair to enjoy over the meal. And their menu is quite incomparable as well. There are two different menus, the traditional one and the express one to choose from and both have wonderful dishes.

  1. The pizzeria is probably the only restaurant to feature the rice flour pizza, meant for those who are looking for gluten-free and yet delicious pizza.
  2. There are pizzas that you can create on your own and pizzas that are signature dishes that you can choose from as well. And they have pizzas in all sizes from mini which is a 6-inch pizza to a jumbo which is an 18-inch pizza.
  3. There are of course the cheese sticks, garlic bread, calzones, and potato wedges to add to your meal.
  4. There is also the choice of chicken wings, with and without bones which you can order to start off your meal on a high note.
  5. You can of course include the Choco chip cookie or the monkey bread and if you want the dessert pizza to make a wholesome dish out of your meal.

Does Godfather's pizza have a military discount?

A lot of restaurants show their gratitude and their earnest thanks to the veterans and their families through discounts all through the year or in specifically on Veterans Day. While there are no specific discounts offered by Godfather's pizza for the veterans, military men, or their families on a daily basis, you can enquire about this with your local outlet. There might be some running, especially during the time of Veterans Day celebration. You can of course use the other mighty discounts for getting good deals on your pizzas. These are available almost every day and are open to everyone. 

Does Godfather's pizza have a student discount?

Finding a discount at Godfather's pizza is quite simple and if you are a student you are probably aware of the right places to go to get a discount. If you are going to search for discounts aimed only at the students of a particular college, university, or campus or students in general then you wouldn't find such discounts at the Godfather's pizza restaurants. However, you would be really happy to know that there are multiple other offers and promo deals that you can make use of to get beautiful discounts on your orders. Just call up the nearest outlet or login to the official portal to know more.

Does Godfather's pizza have a senior discount?

There are no senior discounts currently being offered by Godfather's pizza. However, if you are interested in getting the best of the Godfather's pizza and at the best of the prices, then all you need to do is check out their official ordering page online. You can also check out with the local outlets on the offers that are underway currently and make your pick from the bounty. There are other online portals as well which will give you discounts or coupon codes to get yourself a good discount on your orders. Check out these codes and use the one that is more favorable to you.

Does Godfather's pizza have a teacher discount?

It is very well known that pizzas are the most favored food, especially on campuses. But it is not the love of students but teachers who love them equally too which means that there is a huge community of educators who support the pizza business. The Godfather's pizza has pizzas to match with the taste of everyone and they also ensure that there is a discount for anyone. You can check out for discounts, which are meant for everyone, not just for teachers, and use them accordingly in your order placement. You will be surprised pleasantly when you use the coupon codes and their effect on your bill.

Does Godfather's pizza have a special discount?

Discounts are in abundance when you are shopping for a meal at the Godfather's pizza and there are offers for everyone and anyone who loves a good slice of the pizza. You can check out the information of the discounts and the deals that you can use on Godfather's pizza on their official website or you can check out the various other online coupon portals to get information on the possible discounts open for you any day. There are special discounts offered during special occasions, festive seasons, and sometimes even for no reason that will bring a smile to your plate any day.

Does Godfather's pizza have the first-order discount?

Ordering for the first time with the Godfather's pizza can definitely delight you the maximum, especially on the variety of toppings and the variety of offers available. The best part is that these offers are not just for first-time buyers. These are offers open to all the customers at the Godfather's pizza. They offer everyone the best deal and that is why you wouldn't find a specific discount meant only for the first orders at this place. Yet if you are trying your luck for the first time, you can call the local outlet of Godfather's Pizza and check out the possible options you can use.

Does Godfather's Pizza have BOGO deal?

If you are a constant shopper you would already be well aware of the term BOGO. And if not it is just a Buy One Get One free deal and is of course the most delightful of all deals you could get your hands on, at any time and on any day. With Godfather's pizza, you may not find these BOGO deals on an everyday basis and yet these would be there on certain days to surprise you. Sometimes these are offered on specific pizzas or dishes and sometimes it is also offered on all orders and above a certain amount limit.

Does Godfather's Pizza have free delivery?

The delivery for Godfather's Pizza is taken care of by the company itself and that is probably why there may not be any charge as such on your orders with them. This policy might vary with certain locations depending on the order being placed and the place to which the order has to be delivered. Some restaurants offer free delivery above a certain order limit and some offer free delivery unlimitedly despite the order amount. And yet you can use the coupon for free delivery when placing an order to get the orders delivered free of cost to your doorstep.

How do you use the Godfather's Pizza coupons online?

The coupon codes, also known as the discount codes are generally available for many different restaurants and other shopping places. And it is not different with the Godfather's pizza as they offer you the chance to get wonderful discounted prices on your deal. And if you have these coupons, all that you need to do is include them at the time of checkout on the online portal. Once you have added all your dishes to order, you can include these coupon codes on the same page, the shopping cart page, and click on the apply button to have the discount applied to your bill.

Godfather's pizza rewards

There is always a reward for loyalty and Godfather's Pizza offers the same to all their customers who order frequently from them. The loyalty club of Godfather's Pizza offers the chance to accumulate points every time you shop at the pizzeria and add it to your account. And these points can be later used for redemption against pizzas or any orders of your choice at the future date. There are 10 points on the take for every dollar spent and it can be redeemed online as well which makes it rather convenient. The points can be redeemed immediately which will get even better rewards.

Godfather's pizza returns

Known very much for the best tasting and abundant toppings on their pizzas, the Godfather's pizza doesn't give the customers a reason to choose a return on their dishes. And yet if you wish to have your dish returned for a reason, then you will have to speak to the local outlet manager. There is no specific mention of returns or exchanges on the company policy but at the discretion of the company, the same will be handled in accordance with the given situation. And in the case of an exchange, you may have to pay extra if you are getting a higher value dish in exchange.

Godfather's Pizza locations

Counted among the oldest of the pizza chains in the USA, the Godfather's pizza serves the absolute lip-smacking pizzas in more than 1000 locations in the continental US. They have expanded through franchising and yet have more than 450 locations of their own in the country. They also operate out of the man Minit Mart and Speedway places which definitely brings up their number to more than 1000. You can find them primarily in the continental states of the USA and yet finds its place in innumerous places across the country. You can visit their website to know the nearest location to your place.

Godfather's pizza gift card

It would be hard to find someone who doesn't love a good pizza and that is probably why the best gift you can give a person is the gift card from the delicious Godfather's pizza restaurants. The gift cards work similarly to any other gift card accumulating points every time you purchase from any of the participating Godfather's pizza restaurants. And the best feature of these cards is that they don't have an expiry date. You can gift them for any occasion and for any amount as you wish. You can redeem it at any of the participating locations and you can easily check balance online.

Godfather's pizza shopping tips

Piled up with loads and loads of freshest ingredients and the best quality meat, the Godfather's pizza can have anyone literally swooning. Offering delivery, dine-in, catering, and carryout options there are also millions of discounts offered by the pizza chain at their stores. You can find these discounts in the form of coupon codes as well online and make use of them while placing your order. The decision on which coupon to use is completely up to you and they can literally make your meal shopping an experience to repeat again. You can also get multiple other trades in your local outlets.

Does Godfather's pizza have a deal of the day?

Deals are always in the play when you are having your meal at the Godfather's pizza. The deal of the day or the everyday deals is probably not something you would find to be similar every day. If you want to get information on the possible deals you can get from Godfather's pizza on any given day, all that you need to do is to check out their official website or call up the nearest outlet. They will give you all the information you would need for your order and make it completely worthy of your money.

Does Godfather's pizza have 50% off?

The best offer you could ever get on any shopping, be it for food or not, is a discount of 50% which is basically half the price offer. The Godfather's pizza currently does not have a specific discount of 50% running in your shops but you never know how they change with time. You might be able to find discounts of 50% or even more on all or some of the specific items with the Godfather's pizza with time. Remember to check out the available offers before you place the order to make the most out of your meals.