Snappy Tomato Pizza Coupons & Promo codes (Jul, 2024)

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About Snappy Tomato Pizza:

Founded in the state of Kentucky and spread across nearly 60 outlets till now, Snappy tomato Pizza specializes mainly in serving pizzas along with other delightful menu choices. Founded in the year 1978, the pizza chain was named after a racing horse by the founder Robert Rotunda. The story goes that he had placed a bet on a horse named "Snappy Tomato" that won the race. He took his winnings and opened the first pizza restaurant of Snappy Tomato in Fort Mitchell, in the year 1978. After nearly 15 years, he sold the restaurant to Charles Deters.

The pizza chain has a presence in both USA and UK. The company has managed to acquire many pizza franchises such as the "Pizza Magia" and "Spooners Pizza" and has grown considerably in the country. The pizza chain has a presence in many locations including Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, and several other places in Greater Cincinnati. Most of the outlets of the Snappy Tomato Pizza chain are centered in the southeastern part of the country. Eventually, the company moved west to have its first restaurant opened in New Mexico, in the year 2009. The restaurants in the UK are part of a subsidiary named Redditch.

Snappy Tomato Pizza Menu:

Snappy Tomato Pizza is a pizza chain that specializes in delivering pizzas have many other interesting options on their menu as well.

  • a) The pizzas are offered with different crust options, namely the thin and the traditional, with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian toppings.
  • b) Irrespective of the crust you choose, you have the option to go for a customized pizza where you can add any combination of veggies, meat, etc., and build your pizza.
  • c) The menu includes Snapperoni with more pepperoni and cheese, Hawaiian with pineapple, bacon, ham, cheese, and BBQ sauce, or a simple loaded potato variation with ranch dressing, lots of potatoes, cheese, and bacon. There is also veggie pizza for those who prefer it.
  • d) They also have a beast-style pizza, to cater to more than one person.
  • e) If you are looking for simpler dishes, you can choose a hoagie which is equally filling, or pasta with loads of bell peppers, cheese, and other options.
  • f) There are also calzones and wings to start your meal with a bang.
  • g) You can have a complete meal by adding garlic bread, wedge fries, beverages, flatbread, etc.
  • h) With the choicest salads and delicious desserts, you are guaranteed a wholesome meal.

  • Does Snappy Tomato Pizza Have Military Discount?

    Every meal is made special with Snappy Tomato Pizza and the experience is further enhanced with the different discounts and offers they have from time to time. There are many options available with this pizza chain to save money on your bill. However, currently, we do not see an offer for military personnel or their families. There aren't any military-specific discounts offered by Snappy Tomato Pizza right now. However, this can change in the future or offers given on certain dates like Veteran Day. It is advised that you check the pizza chain's website for any prevailing offers before placing orders.

    Does Snappy Tomato Pizza Have Student Discount?

    Students are lovers of pizzas and most of the pizza jaunts are occupied by students than the elderly or regular officegoers. Given this fact, many pizza chains offer discounts for the student community to boost sales. The Snappy Tomato Pizza also offers a variety of coupons and discounts to improve sales and attract consumers. However, we do not find any specific discount being offered for students alone. This could be an initiative or offer given out only by certain outlets of the franchise and you can check with your nearest outlet to know the discounts offered there at any given time.

    Does Snappy Tomato Pizza Have Senior Discount?

    There is no shortage of offers, deals, and promotional coupons while buying your meal at the Snappy Tomato Pizza. There are offers given out based on the festivities of the month or depending on the seasonal celebrations. Currently, we are unable to find any discount being offered only for the senior citizens from this pizza chain. This, however, may not be the case in the future also. There is also the case where a specific outlet of the pizza chain offers senior discounts, the inquiry of which can be made directly by calling them or visiting their website while placing the order.

    Does Snappy Tomato Pizza Have Teacher Discount?

    While you may not find a discount specific to teachers on the official website or social media page of the Snappy Tomato Pizza, you need not worry. There are multiple other coupons and discounts available for every order you place with the restaurant and this could have a better saving on your bill than you imagined. Also, some of the outlets run special programs from time to time, targeting a specific group in the community, giving them discounts. If there is one for the teachers, you can check with them, and use a valid id proof to avail of the discount on your orders.

    Does Snappy Tomato Pizza Have Special Discount?

    Every offer you encounter at the Snappy Tomato Pizza restaurant will make your meal and thereby your day very special. Whether you are ordering for yourself or you are ordering for many, you will be surprised by the many different discounts from Snappy Tomato Pizza. Whether you go for the beast-style pizza or a simple veggie option, there are offers suitable to apply for everyone. They do not specifically have a discount termed as special. But you would not be disappointed by the offers available with the restaurant though. You can find many codes online that when used will give you special discounts on almost every order.

    Does Snappy Tomato Pizza Have First Order Discount?

    When you order pizzas or any other food, you are inevitably looking for options to bring the cost down. The Snappy Tomato Pizza helps you realize this dream by bringing you loads of discounts on every order you place with them. If you are a first-time customer of the pizza chain, you would be very surprised to find the many discounts awaiting you. These discounts apply to anyone who is ordering from the restaurant and not just to the customers who are ordering for the first time. There are no first-order discounts but there are discounts for every order you place at Snappy Tomato Pizza.

    Does Snappy Tomato Pizza Have BOGO deal?

    BOGO is a very common deal you would find at many establishments. It is one of the deals that offer great value for your money. Every pizza at Snappy Tomato Pizza is priced competitively and fairly to suit the needs of the customers. There is no specific date or day when the BOGO deal is announced on this website. However, you have to watch out for this deal on their website or call up the nearest outlet to find out the availability of this deal to avail the same. BOGO or not, you can still check out the many other offers available to you at the outlet to make the best out of your money.

    Does Snappy Tomato Pizza Have Free Delivery?

    Snappy Tomato Pizza promises to deliver every order fresh and tasty and they deliver this promise through tie-ups with delivery vendors like the Grubhub. There is no mention of whether the delivery will be made free of charge on the website though. You may want to check with the nearest outlet for the possible options for availing delivery free of charge. Some outlets offer you free delivery beyond a certain amount and you can avail of the same. Given the kind of discounts that are on offer, you wouldn't be worried about the negligible amount to pay for delivery charges.

    How to use Snappy Tomato Pizza Coupons Online?

    Using the pizza coupons you find online at the Snappy Tomato Pizza website is a very easy task. a) To start with, you have to choose the pizzas and other dishes you want to order and add them to your shopping cart on the web page. b) Once you have added all the items you need, you can then move to the payment page. c) On this page, you will have an input box to enter the discount or coupon code, which is typically an alphanumeric code. d) After entering the code, click on the apply code button and you will have the discount added to your bill automatically.

    Snappy Tomato Pizza Rewards:

    Rewards are part of every order you place with the Snappy Tomato Pizza chain. The Snappy rewards points are awarded every time you make a purchase, into your account with the restaurant. For every penny, you spend you can have points getting accumulated into your account which can later be redeemed on future orders or to avail additional discounts. There are also rewards to be earned whenever you make a referral to a friend or colleague and they use it to order from this restaurant. These points also get added to your reward account that can be opened anytime you place an order.

    Snappy Tomato Pizza Returns:

    Returns will not be an issue when you are ordering from the Snappy Tomato Pizza chain of restaurants as there wouldn't be any reason for you to return or request a refund. However, if you have a reason to cancel an order or place a return, then this information would help you. The menu items once ordered from Snappy Tomato Pizza cannot be canceled and the decision of cancellation will rest with the franchise or the outlet handling the specific order. If the order is not canceled or not applicable for cancellation then there will not be any refund issued on the same.

    Snappy Tomato Pizza Locations:

    Snappy Tomato Pizza, while founded in the state of Kentucky, has expanded to more than 60 locations both in the US and in the UK. The locations are spread predominantly in the southeastern part of the US and later it was expanded into New Mexico as well. Apart from Kentucky, they also have a presence in many other states like Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee. Most of the outlets are located in Kentucky though. They also have franchise-based outlets across various locations in the UK and Scotland through a subsidiary by the name of Redditch. Their headquarters continue to remain in Fort Mitchell in Kentucky.

    Snappy Tomato Pizza Gift card:

    Known for the freshest ingredients given to you at an affordable price, the Snappy Tomato Pizza is a great place to order your meal, no matter the time of the day. If you want to gift someone with a great present, then you can gift them a meal at the nearest Snappy Tomato Pizza restaurant. They would be surprised and pleased to have a great meal and this is made possible with ease, thanks to the Snappy Tomato Pizza Gift Card. You can enquire about the details and how you can gift a meal to anyone you want at the store or on their online website.

    Snappy Tomato Pizza Shopping Tips:

    Shopping is a pleasant experience when you are shopping for pizza and when it is at the Snappy Tomato Pizza restaurant, it is made extra special. And you can make it an experience to remember by using some simple tips while shopping. a) The best way to make your shopping exhilarating is by saving money using the many deals and discount offers issued for the day. You can check with the nearest outlet about the possible offers you can use. b) Open a reward account with the restaurant and make points every time you order with them. These points can also be redeemed to enjoy a meal at a later date.

    Does Snappy Tomato Pizza have Deal of the day?

    Every day is treated the same and every customer is treated with special consideration at the Snappy Tomato Pizza restaurant. Irrespective of the outlet you want to order from, there will be plenty of offers and discounts to avail every day. There may not be a specific deal for the day or a deal repeated every day, but you can be assured that the deals are worthy of your time and money. Whether you are ordering your lunch or dinner or you want to throw a party for your friends, you can check out the latest options on discounts at your nearby Snappy Tomato Pizza outlet.

    Does Snappy Tomato Pizza have 50% Off?

    If you are looking to reap rewards and discounts when ordering pizza, you just have to head over to the website of Snappy Tomato Pizza. They have amazing offers in the form of coupons and discount codes, that you can avail of every day, whether there is a celebration afoot or not. There are, of course, many times when the store offers a 50% discount on certain specific dishes or pizzas. It could also be on specific days when you can avail of these discounts. You will have a coupon code to apply to avail of this discount and this deal is a money-saving offer when ordering for more than one.