Shakey's Pizza Coupons & Promo codes (Apr, 2024)

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About Shakey's Pizza:

Founded in the year 1954, Shakey's Pizza is one of the leading pizza chains in the US with outlets in nearly 340+ locations so far. The pizzeria was founded by Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson whose name the restaurant is named after. He found this restaurant along with Ed Plummer in the year 1954 in the city of Sacramento in California.

When the pizzeria was opened it only served beers for the first weekend as the ovens for making pizza were still under construction. The beer sales money was then used to make pizzas the following week and slowly the restaurant grew into one of the largest chains in the country. Shakey's is not just known for the pizza but also for the jazz program which they sponsored on the radio network in the region. The owner entertained patrons by playing the Dixieland Jazz piano in the restaurant and also hired musicians to play jazz music in the restaurant.

The place had end-to-end picnic tables which attracted the weekend sports crowds, who loved to step in there after a game to refresh and rejuvenate. The long window between the dining and kitchen is another feature unique to the restaurant allowing the customers to view the pizzas being prepared.

Shakey's Pizza Menu:

The menu at Shakey's Pizza is quite extensive and caters to a wide variety of people along with the interesting choice of songs played at the restaurant. The idea of providing a view of the kitchen to the diners spikes the curiosity among the pizza lovers while they pick the orders from the menu.

a) The pizzas take the local produce into account providing special pizzas loaded with seafood among other topping options. b) Apart from pizzas, you can also enjoy group meals that included pizzas, pasta, drinks, wings, and much more to make a complete meal for a family. c) They offer promos every day with combo offers comprising pizzas, milk tea, other beverages, chicken wings, etc. d) They also have burgers if you are looking for a quick meal at their joint. This is also available in combo options for those who are looking for a deal. e) Chicken 'n' mojos is another favorite and unique item on the menu of Shakey's. You can opt for just the mojos which are potato slices deep fried with two dips to enjoy. You can have it together with chicken wings to make a lip-smacking starter. f) There are of course pasta, salad, and other options to enjoy as well.

Does Shakey's Pizza Have Military Discount?

Shakey's Pizza does not offer any discounts currently for military personnel or their families in specific. You can check the company website or their social media pages to know if they introduce any deal at a later date. There is also a possibility that discounts are announced for those serving the country on the occasion of Veterans Day, as is the custom with many other restaurants. You can also reach out to the neighborhood outlet to know about possible deals you can avail of as a person from the military. Remember to use your ID to get the discount if available.

Does Shakey's Pizza Have Student Discount?

Being a student is about enjoying life and pizzas are just what you need sometimes to keep yourself afloat as you focus on your studies. This is also why many restaurants and pizzerias in and around a university campus tend to offer deals and offers that are only for students. While there is no mention of a student discount on the website or the Facebook page of the restaurant of Shakey's, you can always check with the outlet near you to know of a possible offer specific to the respective branch. If available, you can use it while ordering your next pizza and get a good discount.

Does Shakey's Pizza Have Senior Discount?

As we check on this date, we do not find any specific discounts related to only the seniors in the community. However, they have plenty of other promotional deals that you can make use of while ordering from them. The deals never dry up at the Shakey's and you can check out the possible options for getting a better discount by checking the company website or calling the nearest location to know more. Sometimes, a few of the outlets might offer discounts for the senior citizens and if they do, you can avail of the same using a valid ID proof at the time of ordering.

Does Shakey's Pizza Have Teacher Discount?

We do not find any discount specific to teachers being offered at the Shakey's Pizza currently at any of its outlets. But we do find many coupons and discounts being offered by the company on various days for everyone who wishes to order from them. You can enjoy amazing deals by using any of these coupon codes, or discount deals, whether you are a teacher or not. These deals give you value for your money as you enjoy your favorite meal from Shakey's on any day. You can check for possible teacher discounts at the nearby location of the restaurant and use them accordingly.

Does Shakey's Pizza Have Special Discount?

Discounts are available in abundance when you are ordering your meal from Shakey's. Known for its interesting combos and dishes, the restaurant is intent on making the meal pleasant for each of its customers. They offer discounts based on seasonal festivities, celebrations, and other factors. Every discount will make you special and you can check out the options available on any day by calling up the nearest location. You can also try the website for this restaurant to know the available discounts that you can make use of. The deals can be applied according to your order amount so that you can maximize the savings.

Does Shakey's Pizza Have First Order Discount?

If you are looking for a good meal with Pizza in your locality, then you might want to check out the options at the local Shakey's Pizzeria. The place has many interesting options to have at any time of the day which is further enriched with exciting discounts. While they do not have an order discount for the first-timers in specific, you can request the nearest outlet to share the possible deals and offers they can give you. You can order based on the available deals and enjoy amazing discounts on your order. Alternatively, a check into the company's website will also let you know of the possible discounts on offer.

Does Shakey's Pizza Have a BOGO deal?

Among the different deal codes available, one would definitely go for a BOGO deal as it offers the chance to get two dishes at the price of one. BOGO, short for Buy One Get One free is often given out in many different restaurants and Shakey's Pizza is no exception. They also offer the BOGO deal at times, either on a specific pizza or a starter or on the drinks you order from them. This deal may not be available to you daily or on the days that you are ordering. You can check for the availability of this deal before placing an order to get the maximum benefit.

Does Shakey's Pizza Have Free Delivery?

The delivery out from Shakey's Pizza is taken care of by vendors and delivery partners like Grubhub. It is, therefore, possible that you may not get free delivery on your orders and it might also depend on the location where the delivery has to be made. However, at times there are deals offered where you can avail of free delivery or your delivery charges are waived off, when you order beyond a certain amount and this can be availed of. The information regarding the same will be available with the nearest restaurant of Shakey's Pizza in your locality.

How to use Shakey's Pizza Coupons Online?

You can enjoy much more of the pizzas from Shakey's Pizza when you have coupons or discount codes in hand. These are typically alphanumeric and are used to provide customers with discounts on the orders they make. After you choose the dishes that you want to order, add them to the cart on the website and then move to the page for payment. After providing the details for shipping, you will notice an input box to key in the code for entering the discount code or offer code. Enter the coupon here and you will have the bill amount reduced accordingly in a jiffy.

Shakey's Pizza Rewards:

There is no specific loyalty program available with Shakey's Pizza. But they do have an E-Club and you can sign up for the same. In return, you will be notified of any offers, deals, discounts, promotional offers, etc. being offered every day. Some discounts are offered only to those who are members of the E-Club which can prove to be beneficial when you are ordering from them. It is very simple to join this EClub and you can either sign up online or visit the store in person to join. Logging in as a member will immediately get you many perks while ordering pizza.

Shakey's Pizza Returns:

Shakey's Pizza ensures that the order is delivered on time and retains its freshness when delivered as well. Therefore, you wouldn't get much chance to return any order to them. But if a chance arises where you need to return or exchange you will have to get in touch with the person at your nearest outlet. They will guide you on the issue and help sort out the same. While there is no definitive policy on returns or refunds at the website, if there is a genuine cause to return, the company will help the customer in addressing the issue.

Shakey's Pizza Locations:

Shakey's Pizza began its journey in Sacramento and has now spread its wings into more than 340 locations, not just in the US but also in Canada and the Philippines. After the first restaurant, the second one was opened a couple of years later in Portland and the third in Albany, both in Oregon. The restaurant had its first international outlet opened in Canada's Winnipeg region in the year 1968 and within a decade it expanded into the Pacific Rim, having outlets in the Philippines and Japan. With the continuous expansion and ownership changes, the restaurant opened in New York, Maine, Latham, etc. Currently, the restaurant has 342 locations to its credit.

Shakey's Pizza Gift card:

There is currently no option to get a gift card from Shakey's Pizza. But what you can get is a variety of coupons and discount codes. You can use these to buy a meal for someone on their special day instead of gifting them a card to have a meal by themselves. There is also the chance that the gift card option is introduced by the company in the future. In which case, you can get to know about it by signing up for their Eclub or by checking the company website before placing an order. This would help you to know the latest offers and coupons as well.

Shakey's Pizza Shopping Tips:

You can call any shopping successful, only when it satisfies your taste, preference, effort, and money as well. We cannot have shopping that is stressful on our wallets including shopping for the best meal. To make your meal amazing at the Shakey's Pizza, you can enjoy them at a reduced cost by simply using the many offer codes and discounts available on the official website and social media pages. You can find these offers also by dialing the nearest outlet of the restaurant and checking with them. you can use the offer that is profitable to you from the many available ones.

Does Shakey's Pizza have Deal of the day?

If you want to save money while ordering pizza, then using the many deals available is the best way to go. There is not just one deal to avail of on any given day. Shakey's Pizza is known for the many different deals they have onboard and this includes the deal of the day as well. While this may not be termed as such, you would know that you are in for a treat when you see these offers. You can check out possible discounts and offer codes on the restaurant website or you can check in-store to apply the right deal on your order.

Does Shakey's Pizza have 50% Off?

If you want to have two pizzas at the price of one or order a meal at half the price, then you should be looking for the awesome 50% off deals. These are available on many days and for many different occasions too. You can check for the 50% off deals in specific and apply them to your order to get the best benefit. These deals may not always be on the pizza but sometimes can also apply. to drinks, starters, or other snacks that you buy from Shakey's Pizza. Choose the deal wisely and you will be surprised by the price drop for sure.