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The pizza shop has been permanently closed

Regrettably, we must share the news that our beloved pizzeria, which had been a flavorful sanctuary since its inception in 1996, has now closed its doors permanently. This culinary haven, brimming with rich history and gastronomic delights, has left an in

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Closed The pizza shop has been permanently closed

About Pizzeria Lanza:

Imagine taking a leisurely drive through Pardubice, heading towards Chrudim, when on the left side of the road, a slice of Italy beckons, our cherished pizzeria. Since its inception in May 1996, this culinary haven has been an embodiment of flavors, craftsmanship, and a legacy we're proud to share.

What you're about to savor is not just a meal; it's a culmination of over two decades of culinary expertise by the visionary, Mr. Attilio Lanza. Before venturing into this venture, Mr. Lanza's journey began in the picturesque Italian town of Vada-Rosignano, where he cultivated a deep appreciation for the art of Italian cuisine. His years of dedication have been duly recognized with numerous accolades from seasoned experts in the field.

As you step into our enchanting space, it's like stepping into a tale told through ingredients and aromas. Every corner is a canvas painted with the essence of Mr. Lanza's passion and commitment. The heart of our endeavor lies in the traditional wood-fired oven, where pizzas are crafted following time-honored techniques, a homage to the roots of Italian culinary culture.

Our menu unfolds like chapters in a gastronomic novel. While our 36 variations of pizza are a testament to creativity, we extend the narrative with a wide range of authentic Italian fare. Handcrafted pastas, enticing starters, vibrant salads harvested from the freshest produce, delightful desserts, and meats kissed by the lava grill, each dish narrates its own story, taking you on a sensory journey.

As you raise your glass, our drink menu unfolds a symphony of choices. From velvety soft beverages to the aromatic allure of Mexico coffee, every sip is a melody. And let's not forget the wines, Czech wines from the distinguished Znovin Znojmo winery, and the captivating Italian selections that mirror the changing seasons.

A glass of Pilsner Urquell, or perhaps a non-alcoholic Birell, your thirst finds solace. But the star of the show is our collection of Italian alcoholic beverages. Liqueurs like Limoncello and Sambuca whisper tales of sun-soaked orchards, while the dignified Grappa, a wine distillate, embodies Italy's centuries-old craftsmanship.

In compliance with the Sales Registration Act, our commitment to transparency is unwavering. With each transaction, a receipt is your assurance, while our timely registration with the tax administrator ensures adherence to regulations.

Join us in celebrating a narrative that began in 1996 and continues to evolve. Our pizzeria isn't just a restaurant; it's a living embodiment of passion, dedication, and the art of Italian flavors. Come, be a part of our story, as we curate a memorable experience that lingers on your taste buds and in your heart.