Pizza Boli's Coupons & Promo codes (Jul, 2024)

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About Pizza Boli's:

It was nearly three decades ago when the first Pizza Boli's restaurant was opened by Javed Nasir in the city of Baltimore. Now, after thirty years, the restaurant is famous for the variety of toppings and menu options like none other in the country. The restaurant has more than 80 stores to its credit in the states of Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania.

The motto of Pizza Boli's is to deliver more and they live by it by providing more options in toppings, taste, variety, etc. They are also known for continuously trying to bring new products and promotional offers to enhance the dining experience of their consumers. They also make sure to use only fresh dough, fresh sauces, and a 100% fresh collection of cheeses while making the pizza making it remarkably delicious.

The ingredients are also of the highest quality ensuring the best taste in every bite. The pizzas from this restaurant were ranked as the best by the Washingtonian Magazine and they have an extensive menu to cater to the needs of different individuals. And as promised you would find plenty of options to choose from and no lacking in terms of the taste or options.

Pizza Boli's Menu:

The menu at Pizza Boli's is a delight for anyone looking to have classy, tasteful pizzas and for those who want to have other interesting dishes for the meal. a) They offer you a separate section for building your pizza where you can choose the size of the pizza, the crust you want, the sauces you want, the toppings (both vegetarian and meat options are available), etc. b) If you don't want to make a pizza of your choice, you can always choose from the standard menu featuring a plethora of options for cheese, meat, and veggie lovers separately or together. c) If you want something different, you can choose from a collection of Stromboli where again you can choose any three toppings from the options available. d) You can include some subs, wraps, salads, and French fries to the mix to make it a complete meal on any given day. e) You have the option to add wings as starters or pasta on the side to spruce up the meal. There is of course the choice of beverages to help you with the meal. f) Finally, you can end the meal with an amazing dessert of your choice as well.

Does Pizza Boli's Have Military Discount?

Currently, there are no military discounts offered by Pizza Boli's. However, this may not be the case in the future too. You can check with the website of the company or with the local establishment directly from time to time to know about the available offers and other details. More often than not, there are discounts and deals offered on Veterans Day that can prove quite useful to those serving the country. You need to use a valid ID to make use of these deals when they are offered. You can also check for the latest offers before ordering.

Does Pizza Boli's Have Student Discount?

Students, being the largest consumers of pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, etc., it is evident that most restaurants promote their dishes to students in general. While Pizza Boli's does not have a discount designed only for the students, they bring several other promos and offers to use when you want to enjoy a good meal at a better cost. You can check with the branch near you for possible discounts you can avail yourself as a student. If there are such specific discounts for students, then you would need to produce a valid ID proof to avail of the same.

Does Pizza Boli's Have Senior Discount?

You would be surprised to know that many senior citizens of the country would love to have a slice of the pizzas from Pizza Boli's from time to time, the credit for which goes to its taste. The restaurant currently does not have any specific discounts for the senior citizens alone but it rather gives out discounts and deals for all customers from all walks of life. But you can check with the nearest branch on whether there is an offer or discount that you can avail as a senior discount. In which case, you would be required to provide valid proof of identity.

Does Pizza Boli's Have Teacher Discount?

There is no good motivation like good food and when you buy from Pizza Boli's it adds to your joy doubly. You can use the discount codes often issued by the restaurant to get amazing deals on your pizza orders. However, if you are searching for a discount specifically offered for the teachers, you will not find such a discount. There is no mention of it on their social media page either. The restaurant near you can help you decide the best deal for the order you want to place and this would help you in saving money for you.

Does Pizza Boli's Have Special Discount?

Special offers are always in play when you are ordering pizza, especially from a renowned restaurant like the Pizza Boli's in your state. The restaurant is known for its unique flavors and a lot of options and it also doesn't hold back in offering discounts to its customers. There are many offers given out by the restaurant every day depending on the kind of order you place or the type of pizza you order. There are also discounts offered based on the amount of your order. Enquire before placing an order to get more value for money.

Does Pizza Boli's Have First Order Discount?

When checking the website and the official social media pages of Pizza Boli's we do not find any mention of a first-order discount. But you need not feel disheartened by this as there are many more deals coming your way when you order your meal from Pizza Boli's. The nearest outlet of this restaurant can explain to you about the various coupons available or you can visit the website to get a gist of the variety of discounts you are eligible for. Whether it is a first-order or not, you are entitled to make it special with these offers.

Does Pizza Boli's Have a BOGO deal?

From a variety of pizzas to interesting strombolis, the options are plenty to explore with Pizza Boli's. The menu has unlimited options and so are the chances to save money with the restaurant. As you enjoy your favorite pizza or pasta or sandwich, you can now save money using the BOGO deal issued from time to time at this restaurant. Sometimes it is in the form of a combo offer that helps in saving cost or is offered on certain dishes or drinks you order from the restaurant. Visit the company website to know more about prevailing offers and discounts.

Does Pizza Boli's Have Free Delivery?

Right now, we do not find any information regarding free delivery on the company website or the social media pages of Pizza Boli's. The delivery for the restaurant is made through third-party vendors like Grubhub and they might charge you for the delivery. However, the restaurant often has a promo to enjoy free shipping for orders above a certain amount that you can avail of. Additionally, applying the various discounts on your order will bring down the cost so much that the delivery fee will look quite negligible. You can check with the local outlet for more information regarding the same.

How to use Pizza Boli's Coupons Online?

Using Pizza Boli's coupons can help you get the best deal on every order you make with them. Once you have them, it is very simple to apply them to your order. a) Place your order with the restaurant, after adding all the necessary dishes you want to enjoy to your shopping cart. b) As you reach the payment page, you will notice that there is a provision to enter the coupon or discount code. c) Click on the space provided and enter the code that you have. d) Once the code is applied, the discount will reflect immediately in your bill amount.

Pizza Boli's Rewards:

Rewards are part of the various offers run by Pizza Boli's. You can sign up for this rewards program online through the company website. You are awarded a whopping 50 points for just signing up with them. After signing up, you can earn 1 point for every one dollar you spend at the restaurant. You can accumulate these points until they reach 150 points after which you can redeem the same to get a discount of ten dollars on your total bill. You can continue to accumulate points and get an amazing deal on your bigger orders in the future.

Pizza Boli's Returns:

Pizza Boli's promises to deliver only the best and also the most options to all the customers who order from them. However, if you have some issue with the order or you want to place a return, then here is what you need to know. According to information that is currently present on the website, the restaurant doesn't accept returns or exchanges for free or paid. You can consult with the local outlet and explain the issue so that they can help you with the best possible course of action. In the case of exchanges, any additional charges will have to be borne by the customer.

Pizza Boli's Locations:

Starting as a small single restaurant in Maryland, the restaurant has managed to expand into a huge franchise with more than 80 outlets to its credit now. The headquarters of the restaurant continues to be in Maryland's Pikesville. The first restaurant was opened in the neighborhood of Mount Washington in the city of Baltimore in Maryland. They had expanded into the states of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC, along with many other locations in Maryland itself. By the year 2019, the pizzeria had nearly 80 locations to its credit and continues to expand.

Pizza Boli's Gift card:

Innovation has always been the key operating objective behind the success of Pizza Boli's. The restaurant has constantly worked towards upgrading its program to improve and enhance customer experience and the mobile app, gift cards, etc. are an example to this endeavor. You can now buy a gift card from Pizza Boli's and give it as a gift to anyone and know for sure that they will appreciate your gift. It is a gift that will give someone a good time and a good meal at no cost. The gift card can be loaded with your choice of amount and can be used against any meal at any given time.

Pizza Boli's Shopping Tips:

Shopping can be more fun when you know how to save money and still manage to get the best out of the money you spend. The shopping at Pizza Boli's has already been an enriching experience thanks to their constant endeavor to make your order tasty and fast. To add to the contentment, you can enjoy the price of the pizzas at a discounted price, by simply using the various coupons that the company offers every day. Additionally, signing up for the rewards program will also help you to enjoy more benefits in terms of earning as you shop and then redeeming it against future orders.

Does Pizza Boli's have Deal of the day?

If you are looking for offers to reduce the cost of your meal at Pizza Boli's then you are in for a surprising delight as there are multiple offers to choose from. They don't have a concept of a particular deal for any given day but there are always multiple deals running every day. Add on the rewards program and the option to redeem your loyalty points, you would be surprised by the amount of saving you can make by signing with them. You can order all that you want and get them at an affordable price with the right deal on hand.

Does Pizza Boli's have 50% Off?

Among the many offers and promotional deals offered by Pizza Boli's, the one deal that everyone would love to enjoy is the 50% off deal. This may not be running all the time but you would often find this in the form of a BOGO deal or just a 50% deal on some of the items on the menu. It could be on the pizzas, the Stromboli, or simply on the drinks that you order from them. Either way, it is a great saver deal that you wouldn't want to be missing out on. Check out the company portal to know about the availability of this deal on any given day.