Pagliacci Pizza Coupons & Promo codes (Apr, 2024)

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About Pagliacci pizza:

Based in Seattle, the Pagliacci Pizza is a chain of restaurants that has been one of the oldest pizza places in the Seattle area. The restaurant was first established in 1979 on the Feb of 19th, and its first outlet was opened in the Seattle University district at 4529 University Ave NE. From the first day, they made very good profits and they had a good amount of repeating customers from the first day only. They had many ups and downs from the time of their establishment and they had many face-lifts and their buildings were remodeled many times. The original location was active till the year 2018 and after that, it was finally closed after many changes and challenges faced by them. The Pagliacci pizza has been in the market for a long time and they are known for their services including dining, takeaways, and deliveries, and their specialty is the pizza by the slice bar.

It's been almost 4 decades since the establishment of the original and the first pizza store of Pagliacci, and since then they have had a total of 24 locations around Bellevue and the greater Seattle area till now. The special part and the fact that makes them stand out and unique is that they use recyclable and environment-friendly things almost everywhere possible.

Pagliacci pizza Menu:

Pagliacci pizza offers its customers a wide range of items on its menu. They have a multi-option service range starting from deliveries, takeaways and sitting dine-in services. Their specialty includes thin-crust pizzas that are served in slices and they have one of the most delicious pizzas in the range. There are a lot of pizza options to choose from and you can also get a gluten-free pizza base at an extra price of 4$ on your order. The Pagliacci pizza is a paradise for both veg and non-veg people as they have the best range on offer for both types of people.

They offer you seasonal pizzas such as BBQ chicken Primo and Bacon leek, and the other regular pizzas include slice bar pizzas in different regular bases and toppings. There is also an option to build your pizza with your favorite toppings, bases, sauces, and more. Some of the Pagliacci favorites and specials are Funghi sulsiccia, fresh veggie, margjherita, parma primo, and many more. There is a whole list of pizzas to choose from. So, you can also call it a pizza paradise. Other than the pizzas you can also get several other options such as salads, pasta, calzones, cookies, breadsticks, gelato, and several beverages. You can also get the option of beer and wine if you are of the right age.

Does Pagliacci pizza Have Military Discount?

Veterans and military personnel are one of the most important members of our society as they sacrifice so much for us. They are always there to protect us and provide us and our family security from the dangers, so the company respects them with all their heart. But the Pagliacci pizza does not have any specific military discount for their customers. You can always get some regular discounts on them, and those discounts can save you a whole lot of money. To know more about the regular discounts and deals you can log on to their official website or you can simply walk into your nearest store.

Does Pagliacci pizza Have Student Discount?

Pagliacci pizza does not have any such discount offers named student discount. But they do provide the students and children with some combos and deals and name them student combo or children's combo. They know that their customer count has a lot of students and children so they always come up with these combos to make the students and children feel special. On some special weekends, you can also get some discount offers by showing your school or college ID cards to the cash counter. Though these offers depend from one store to another, so you should know about the deals by calling them before going to the stores.

Does Pagliacci pizza Have Senior Discount?

Nowadays, senior discounts are pretty common in all restaurants and pizzerias. Some malls are also coming up with these senior discounts to make the retired life of the seniors more exciting. Though Pagliacci pizzas do not have any regular and specific senior discount on offer for the seniors and elders. You can enjoy the regular discounts and combos that are offered by the company for all their customers. These offers are very exclusive and they can help you get a great deal in saving your money. You can also get special senior discounts on some special occasions, but this depends from store to store.

Does Pagliacci pizza Have a Teacher Discount?

After detailed research of their official website and Facebook pages, we concluded that Pagliacci pizza does not offer any regular teacher discount. There are no mentions of teacher's discounts on their website as it does not fulfill their policies. On some special occasions, you may get special combos for the teachers but these are very limited once in a while. You can always go for the regular deals, combos, and discounts that are offered by the company on their official websites or in the prime locations of their restaurants. You can keep a track of these deals if you are regular and visit them once in a while.

Does Pagliacci pizza Have a Special Discount?

Discounts and offers are one of the prime advantages of ordering from the Pagliacci pizzas, as they have the best offers and discounts for their customers than the other competitors. The Pagliacci offers special discounts often in the form of special combos and deals, and you get special discounts on some special occasions too. The company provides special discounts to some of their lucky customers in the form of coupons also, and you can use those coupons easily at any offline store or online through their app or website. To know more about their special discounts and offers you can log on to their official website

Does Pagliacci pizza Have First Order Discount?

New customers are always special and every company tries to welcome their new customers with the best service. In the same way, Pagliacci pizza also tries and serve its new customers in special ways. The company offers its customers with first order discount that allows new customers to get several coupons when they register for the first time. You can use these coupons at the checkout page to get a good deal on your first order from the company. Some lucky customers also get multiple coupons on registering themselves on the official website of Pagliacci pizza.

Does Pagliacci pizza Have BOGO deal?

BOGO deals are considered to be one of the prime deals and offer as it gives you maximum savings, excitement, and freedom to choose your favorite pizza. You can get two of your favorite items from the menu of Pagliacci pizza at the price of one, so you should always grab on to these offers without any delay as they are valid for a very short time. You can know more about these deals on their official website or you can simply go to your nearest Pagliacci pizza store. You can also look out for the 50% off deals as they are similar to the BOGO deals giving you two items at the price of one.

Does Pagliacci pizza Have Free Delivery?

After reviewing the official website and social media pages of Pagliacci pizza, we concluded that the company does not offer any free delivery to any of its customers. They use an advanced delivery service that provides fresh and warm pizzas to a certain radius of their location, and they charge a minimal amount in the form of delivery fees to provide their employees with good commissions. Though you can get several coupons from the company as well as from promotions, these coupons can give you free deliveries sometimes, and you can also get free deliveries when there is any special occasion or offer in the Pagliacci stores.

How to use Pagliacci Pizza Coupons Online?

Pagliacci pizzas are one of the best and most customer-friendly restaurants in the whole area and they have the best-in-class services that are loved by the people. You can get several coupons from them that you can use both online and offline, and using these coupons is a piece of cake at every Pagliacci store or website. If you want to redeem the coupons online, then you need to get to the checkout page after selecting your food items from their menu and then you just need to put the coupon code in the dedicated box in the lower part of the checkout page.

Pagliacci pizza Rewards:

Pagliacci Pizza has a rewards section for their loyal customers who have been with the company for years and order regularly from them. If you are registered with the company on their official website then you must have an account and if you search a bit in your account, you may get a rewards section in which you can see you have some points collected if you regularly order from Pagliacci. You can use these points on your next order to pay instead of real money, and if you have fewer points then you may also get a discount on the total value of your order.

Pagliacci pizza Returns:

There is no clearly stated policy about returns and refunds on the website of Pagliacci. You cannot get easy returns and refunds once you order from the company as they have faced a lot of losses in the past because they allowed easy returns ad refunds. You can get an exchange on your order with the same value as your order if your return claim has a valid point or if there is any mistake from the side of the company. Though you cannot get any refund from the company at any point in time.

Pagliacci pizza Gift card:

Pagliacci is very famous for its gift card options as they have a very attractive range of gift cards to offer with attractive designs and graphics. You can gift these gift cards to any of your loved and dear ones with a specialized message on them and using these cards is very easy. You can use these gift cards at any location of the Pagliacci, and these cards can be used online too. You can send these cards from the comfort of your home through email or any other means easily.

Pagliacci pizza Shopping Tips:

When you order something from Pagliacci pizzas they have one or another offers to go on them, so you can save directly without any extra hard work. If you want to get extra offers and deals, you should visit them on weekends as they have plenty of special offers going on weekends. You can also grab the BOGO and 50% off deals to get extra discounts and make maximum savings on your meal from Pagliacci.

Does Pagliacci pizza have Deal of the day:

Deal of the day is very common at Pagliacci pizza as they value their customers and want them to get fresh choices every day when they visit them. Deal of the day also increases their sales as people love to try new combinations and deals every day.

Does Pagliacci pizza have 50% Off:

50% off deals are very rare in every restaurant and commercial site, but you can get some on special occasions and some weekends too. In the same way, Pagliacci also offers their customers 50% off deals on some special occasions and on some weekends too. You can get this 50% off deals from some coupons that you get from the official website of the company or you can also get direct discounts when you visit your nearest Pagliacci pizza store. You should always check for these deals as these deals are very rare and are active for short time.