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About Lou Malnati's:

Based in Northbrook, Illinois, Lou Malnati's pizzeria is an US-based eatery chain that specializes in Chicago-special pizzas. The founder of the Lou Malnati's pizzeria was a young man, the heir of Rudy Malnati, who is formerly known as one of the developers of the recipe of the famous Chicago-special pizza. This restaurant chain was well-known due to its Chicago-style recipe of pizzas and their delicious taste that no one can match. They became very famous around the Chicago area and one of the best-known pizza restaurant lines in the whole area. They also have partnerships with several other big players such as Portillo's restaurant and Eli's cheesecake, and they maintain this partnership under a different division named Lou Malnati's present taste of Chicago. They provide and ship their pizzas and other cuisines to the rest of the country with the help of this partnership.

The first Lou Malnati pizzeria store was opened in 1971 on the 17th of march, in Lincolnwood, Illinois. The company was profitable in the business from the starting only and it started to grow from the first day only. The company started multiplying and by the year 2016, they own 57 active locations all around the Chicago Metropolitan area. By the passing years, they opened more locations in the uptown and Phenix areas hence making their sales double by the time.

Lou Malnati's Menu:

The main specialty of the Lou Malnati's pizzerias is the prototypical Chicago-style pizzas that are the best made by them. Their deep-dish pizza is generally named a 'pie', and they are made very elegantly with a thin crust dough laid in a deep dish with the side walls laid up. Whereas the Chicago-style pizza is the whole opposite to the deep-dish pizzas, as their ingredients are put in a whole different way. In the Chicago-style pizza, the mozzarella cheese is poured directly on the dough and then the other toppings are spread on it accordingly, and then the fresh tomato sauces are spread over the pizza in the last stages.

The traditional menu of Lou Malnati's pizzeria has a diversified list of the best Chicago-style and deep-dish pizzas. Both the genres of pizzas are separately listed on different pages so that the customers can be clear and confident while ordering. After looking into their menu we have sorted some of the best pizzas and they include cheese deep recipe, The "Lou", pepperoni or sausage deep dish, gluten-free thin crust, cheese thin crust, and crust free pizzas, and many more. You can also get several other items other than the pizzas such as salad, appetizers, pasta, beverages, etc. You can choose any item from their long menu and you also get the option to build your pizza by choosing the toppings, base, and ingredients of your choice.

Does Lou Malnati's Have Military Discount?

No, Lou Malnati's pizza does not have any military discount as there are no details about it mentioned on their official website or social media pages. Veterans and militaries are one of the most respected citizens of our society as they sacrifice a lot so that our families can get a peaceful sleep every night. To make them feel special and respected the company offers them special offers once a year on the special occasions of veterans day. Though some stores also provide some special discounts for the militaries on regular days to dedicate them with love and fondness.

Does Lou Malnati's Have Student Discount?

Students are one of the main future pillars of society as they are the ones who are going to make the future of our society. Lou Malnati tries and keep them happy and satisfied all the time as they also know that the students are the prime number from their customer count. So to make them happier they offer student discounts in the form of student combos, children combos, coupons, and many more. They also come up with certain discounts on weekends to make the holidays for the children more enjoyable, and the students come and hang out at Lou Malnati's.

Does Lou Malnati's Have Senior Discount?

Lou Malnati's was established long back in 1971 and from that time some of its customers are with them throughout these years including their families. The company does not have any regular senior discounts on offer but they do offer special discounts and deals for the senior customers that have been with them for all these years. They provide those customers with several coupons and points as a loyal customer and they also get additional regular discounts that are provided to all the customers that come to Lou Malnati's.

Does Lou Malnati's Have Teacher Discount?

Teacher discounts are not provided by Lou Malnati's as there is no information related to this on their social media pages and official website. You can check with your nearest location of Lou Malnati's to know whether they provide any special teacher's discount or not. Though you can always get several regular discounts, deals, and offers on their website or in their stores, these offers can also give your maximum savings on your meal from Lou Malnati's. On certain special occasions, you can get a teacher's discount by showing your ID card, and these deals are only served in some of the selected stores.

Does Lou Malnati's Have Special Discount?

Lou Malnati's has many regular offers and discounts that they provide to their customers. You can always get one or another offer active in the restaurants of Lou Malnati's, and along with that they also have some special discounts that are active for a very short time. These discounts are often given on the weekends or some special occasions, and you can get these special discounts in form of combo deals, packs, and coupons. You can also get BOGO deals and 50% off deals in these special discounts if you are lucky enough and reach them at the correct time.

Does Lou Malnati's Have First Order Discount?

Just like the other restaurant chains and pizza places customers are the prime thing for Lou Malnati's pizzeria. They respect and provide their customers with the best service possible, and they also welcome their new customers with exclusive offers. When you shop for the first time with Lou Malnati's and register yourself with them you get a special coupon for the first order discount. When you order for the first time, you can just paste this coupon into their coupon box at the checkout page and you may get the benefits of your coupon on your order value. You may also get 3 consecutive first order discount coupons if you are lucky enough.

Does Lou Malnati Have a BOGO deal?

Yes, you can get BOGO deals at the Lou Malnati's pizzeria and they provide it to their customers very frequently on weekends and special occasions such as founders day. You can grab this BOGO deal by keeping track of the company website and by following your nearest location of Lou Malnati's. These deals are often provided in the form of coupons and sometimes you can also get combo deals in the form of BOGO deals. So you can choose and understand it when you get 2 items at the price of one. The 50% off deals are also counted as BOGO deals because they give the same savings as the BOGO deals.

Does Lou Malnati's Have Free Delivery?

Lou Malnati's has their delivery services and they provide deliveries to a certain radius from their locations. They do not offer any free delivery options with their order, though you can get free deliveries if your order value crosses the certain amount that is fixed by the company to be eligible for free delivery. But the amount that is fixed by the company is very high so very few people can get this benefit. Generally, they charge delivery fees according to the delivery distance covered by their delivery men. Some coupons and offers may allow you to get free deliveries, but these are only offered on special occasions and days.

How to use Lou Malnati's Coupons Online?

Lou Malnati's provides their customers with several discount coupons including promotional coupons. You can get these coupons with every order you make from the company, and you also get some coupons when you log in to your account on the official website of Lou Malnati's pizzeria. Using these coupons is very easy and anyone can use them from the comfort of their home, you just have to put the coupon code in the coupon dialog box present in the lower part of the checkout page. When you put the coupon code in the dialog box your offer gets applied to the order value and you get the benefits instantly.

Lou Malnati's Rewards:

Lou Malnati's have a lot of loyal customers and they have been with the company for years, and there are many new customers also who are repeating their orders periodically. They have become a family to the company, and the company provides them with rewards every time they order. Lou Malnati's has a rewards section made separately for the customers that are registered and are with the company for a long time. In this system, one gets some points every time he/she orders from Lou Malnati's, and these points get collected in the rewards section on loumalnatis .com, and these points can be redeemed easily on the next order to get great discounts.

Lou Malnati's Returns:

When we searched through the websites of Lou Malnati's pizzeria we came to know that they do not offer any returns or refunds to their customers. You can claim for returns or refunds but it depends on the company that they want to give you any refunds or returns on your order. You can get an exchange on your order if your claim has a valid point, they give you an exchange of the same value as your order.

Lou Malnati's Gift card:

Gifting someone a treat of their favorite food is the best gift and the person is gonna love that gift the most. So Lou Malnati's provides their customers with gift card options that can be gifted to someone easily in the form of gift options. You can get gift cards of several values and can choose according to your budget and choice.

Lou Malnati's Shopping Tips:

When you shop with Lou Malnati's you should know some rules that are necessary for getting the maximum amount of savings on your order. You should always lookout for the deal of the day and the different combos that are offered by the company. You can grab the BOGO and 50% off deals to maximize your savings, and visiting them on the weekends are the best options to get exclusive deals and combos.

Does Lou Malnati have Deal of the day?

Lou Malnati's provides their customers with different deals and combos every day and names them the deal of the day. They change these deals every day and come up with more fresh and new deals to make their customers more choices. Lou Malnati's has many repeat customers that visit them almost every day so they try and present them with a new deal of the day every day. So you can grab these deals to grab the maximum amount of savings.

Does Lou Malnati's have 50% Off?

Yes, Lou Malnati's have 50% off deals for their customers often. You can get 50% off deals at the stores of Lou Malnati's on certain weekends and some special occasions, but these deals are active for a very limited time only. So you should grab these deals as soon as possible otherwise you may lose the chance of saving a great deal on your order from Lou Malnati's. You can get updated about this type of deal beforehand if you follow the official social media pages of the company, and if you are a regular customer then you may get a notification on your phone or mail id.