Grimaldi's Pizza Coupons & Promo codes (Apr, 2024)

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About Grimaldi's Pizza:

Grimaldi's pizza is an America-based chain of pizzeria restaurants that basically originated from the New York city. They have many restaurant pizzerias scattered all over the United States with the standard and unique quality of their legacy. The first outlet of the Grimaldi's pizza was opened in the year 1990 by the famous Patsy Grimaldi, who learned to make pizzas at a small age of 10 years. He opened his first Grimaldi pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York, and the exact location was 1 front street in Brooklyn, under the Brooklyn bridge. He chose to make his pizzas in the coal-fired brick ovens, and this idea made him drop the idea of opening his first pizzeria store in Manhattan as the coal-fired brick ovens were illegal there.

Grimaldi's pizza started its own motto which stated "Only selling pies, not slices". This made them famous and they had their selling records breaking day by day. Then they had two more expanded locations in New Jersey and the locations were Hoboken and Verona operated by the two partners of the Grimaldi's pizza. In the 1990s Mr. Grimaldi sold the Grimaldi's name and all the franchisees and he retired himself. Only the Hoboken branch was not sold. In between, there were many ownership changes, and many more stores were opened all over New York City and other states. By the year 2018, they had about 50 US outlets opened in total along with restaurants in 16 different states. The Coronavirus came in 2020 and they rolled out a special delivery service that made them more famous. As of now, they have around 43 active locations all around US and foreign.

Grimaldi's Pizza Menu:

Grimaldi's pizza has a very unique style of baking their pizzas that make them taste more delicious and authentic. They use Coal-fired brick style oven to cook their pizzas and they have both the options of in-dine restaurants and carry out. The company loves to serve their customers with the authentic taste of the New York pizza, so they hired a bunch of chemists and experts to read and understand the contents of the water of New York city and recreate them to provide the same exact taste and authenticity to the pizza dough. The Grimaldi's pizza crust is well known and they are famous for it because of the thin crust and it is kind of crispy in nature. There pizzas do not drip oil as they do not use any oil to reheat the pizza.

Presently they have a very long list of pizzas and other items on their list and some of the all-time favorite items from their list are there traditional brick oven pizzas that are made on coal fire. These pizzas have different formations and styles including white with pasta, pesto, and the regular traditional ones. Beside the pizzas, you can also get wines, appetizers, and calzones with them. The desserts include the famous New York cheesecake, tiramisu, and cannoli.

Does Grimaldi's pizza Have Military Discount?

Military discounts are not a thing at Grimaldi's pizza as they do not have any mentioned policy about this on either of their online pages such as website and social media blogs. They do not provide any special military discount offers to any of their customers and you cannot get any special discount or offer if you are a military person or a veteran. Though you can always look out for the different deals and discounts that are offered by the company on special occasions weekends and on some week days too. These deals are valid for limited times so you can grab them by keeping a track of them.

Does Grimaldi's pizza Have Student Discount?

No, Grimaldi's pizza do not have any as such student discounts but they provide special combo deals to students and children on some weekends. This depends on store to store, and most of the stores that are near to school or college mostly provide with these offers and deals. You can show your Id card on the counter and get to avail these deals which can save your pocket money and you can enjoy your food. On normal days you can also get various discount and deals that are on offer by the company as regular deals and discounts.

Does Grimaldi's pizza Have a Senior Discount?

Grimaldi's pizza respects and thinks about the seniors but they do not have any dedicated senior discount. After checking their facebook page thoroughly we came to know that they do not offer any senior discount specifically, but they do have several other discounts and offers that are on offer regularly and the information about the deals and discounts are given in the stores and their official website. They also update their new discounts on their instagram handle and facebook page to reach out to more people.

Does Grimaldi's pizza Have a Teacher Discount?

As same as the above two, the answer of this question is also negative as they do not provide any such discount offer termed as teacher's discount. Their company policy do not allows them to put up offers and discounts like these on their board. The Grimaldi's pizza policy is to provide their customers with the best in class service, so they are always ready to provide one or another regular offers to their customers. You can enjoy these coupons and discounts regularly to make you meal more delicious. To know more about these discounts and offers you can check their facebook page or website.

Does Grimaldi's pizza Have a Special Discount?

Grimaldi's pizza are known for their specialty in making New York styles pizzas and keeping their taste constant all over their stores. They also offer special discount just like their special pizzas, and these discounts include several coupons that are provided via promotions, discount deals, combo deals, and some are offered on special occasions and weekends. These special discounts are very easy to find and grab, as you can simply know about them through promotions or if you are a regular customer then you can get notification on your registered mail about the offer beforehand.

Does Grimaldi's pizza Have First Order Discount?

First order discounts are the best way to greet new customers to the family and make them feel overwhelmed when they order their first food from the company with a great discount offer. The Grimaldi's pizza provides their new customers with first order discount that allows you to get special discount coupons on the registration as a new user on the website or app of the company.

When you book your first order from the company then you can just put the first order coupon on the dialog box at the checkout page and then your discount offer gets pinned on you cart value to give you exciting discounts and deals.

Does Grimaldi's pizza Have a BOGO deal?

People are crazy for BOGO deals and are always searching different restaurants and cafes for one. So by seeing the demand and craze Grimaldi's pizza always comes up with these deals but for a very limited time and only on weekends. The BOGO deal actually means Buy One Get One offer and these deals are considered to be one of the best deals. You can grab this deal by knowing about it in advance by logging on to their official website or by simply scrolling to their FB page. These are the best deals to save your pocket money as a student and treat your friends with the best pizza in town.

Does Grimaldi's pizza Have Free Delivery?

No, the Grimaldi's Pizza do not offer free delivery to their customers. Post-covid they started using specialized delivery means to provide their customers with safe and secure delivery of their food, so they charge a minimal amount as their delivery charge.

How to use Grimaldi's pizza Coupons Online?

Using Grimaldi's pizza are one of the easiest tasks as they are very easy to redeem and use. You can use these coupons on any of the nearest outlet of Grimaldi's pizza. But if you want to use the coupons online then you may log on to their official website and select your favorites from their menu. Then you can move to the payments page to apply the coupon code in the coupon box made in the bottom of the page, and you just have to put the coupon number mentioned in the coupon to avail the deal and discount of the coupon.

Grimaldi's pizza Rewards:

Grimaldi's Pizza is very dedicated towards its customers and they have been in the market from a very long period of time. They have been serving their customers with best quality food and service at the same time. There are many customers that are with the company from a long time and some's family tree is connected with the company, so to honour their loyal customers the company has rewards policy that can be accesed from the rewards section in the registered account on the official website of Grimaldi's Pizza. You get points as rewards on your every order from them and you can simply use these points to get discounts on your next orders.

Grimaldi's pizza Returns:

There are no specified details about returns and refunds on the official website or facebook page of the Grimaldi's Pizza. They have not mentioned any information about any return policy of them, so there is no valid return ploicy from Grimaldi's Pizza. Thoug you can get an exchange of the same value if you have a valid reason to support your claim and you can also get complimentary things if they have any mistake from their side.

Grimaldi's pizza Gift card:

People are always confused and worried about what to gift their families, friends, and lovers on their special occasions. So, to reduce these confusions and worries there is a new trend in the market that is gift cards. The Grimaldi's Pizza also offers gift cards to their customers, and you can use these cards to gift it to your desired person whether they are near you or far from you as the company provides you every facility to send these cards, and these cards are available in every value so you can choose one according to your budget.

Grimaldi's pizza Shopping Tips:

When you are shopping from Grimaldi's Pizza you can always look out for deal of the day as it has the most affordable and money-saving combos. You can also checkout for BOGO and 50% off deals so that you can get double benefits, and the best part is that you should visit them on weekends to get the most elegant offers.

Does Grimaldi's pizza have Deal of the day?

Deal of the day are very common at the Grimaldi's pizza, they change their deals and combos every 2 days of the week and they have a deal of the day special combo deal on offer that changes every day. You can grab your favorite combo by visiting them on the specific day on which that combo will go live. You can also get deal of the day in the form of special discounts in some of the outlets, but most of them provide them as a combo deal or special deals.

Does Grimaldi's pizza have 50% Off?

Grimaldi's pizza is a very customer centric pizza place that loves its customers and always tries to serve them with the best. They provide 50% off deals on various special and auspicious occasions such as birthday of the company or when they open a new store in foreign. You can also get 50% off deals on some weekends for promotional reasons. You can get these deals by grabbing them as soon as possible because these are valid for very limited time only. Sometimes 50% off deals are also provided through special coupons that can be availed on the online websites and apps of the company.