Fox's Pizza Coupons & Promo codes (Apr, 2024)

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About Fox's Pizza

Jim Fox is the founder of the worldwide famous pizza brand Fox's Pizza Den. he started this pizzeria back in 1971 in Pitcairn, PA with only $500 and some spare equipment gathered from a used scrapyard. Since its inauguration, Fox's became a hit in their originating town and quickly became a name in the rest of the country. They gradually spread to over 25 different states serving mouth-watering delicacies and delectable pizzas using the perfect hand-tossed dough and not to forget their award-winning handmade sauce made out of Italian Pecorino Romano cheese and San Marzano tomatoes. The cheese was specially procured from the Apennine Mountains located in Central Italy.

By 2 years, Jim had already opened their second Fox's Pizza Den store in Harrison City and the third one in East Pittsburgh. Fox Pizza became a hit in 3 locations within 3 years and with the inauguration of the fourth store in Swissvale, the founder came up with a very special concept that is known today to have revolutionized the whole pizza industry. Jim introduced a creative concept in the store in Pittsburgh,home delivery - which wasn't so popular back then. As the word slowly spread, calls started flooding in about buying franchises of Fox Pizza. Jim incorporated this idea of franchising Fox's Pizza Den in 1974 as it would help him expand and also fuel others' dreams of becoming independent.

Fox's Pizza Menu

Pizzas are the primary attraction of Fox Pizza's menu and are prepared with utmost care using perfect hand-tossed dough, a premium grade of the famous Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Italian blends of spices. At Fox's, you can enjoy a lot of other things too apart from pizza - strombolis, salads, specialty hoagies, wedgies, and more. Their pizza comes in sizes - Small (9" - 4), Medium (12" - 8), Large (14" - 10), X-Large (16" - 12). You can also order their Big Daddy 12" X 24" pizza which is perfect for a large group. Talking about recipes, their pizzas come in endless varieties of flavors that include BBQ Chicken, Taco, Rancher, Hawaiian, and much more.

If you're a Stromboli lover, you will definitely find a hard time selecting from their equally mouth-watering array of strombolis. They have Italian, Steak, and Deluxe and we assure you cannot choose between the three. For a special something, you can also customize your own stromboli - choose the Sauce and cheese and get up to five different pizza toppings as you like it!

Does Fox's Pizza Have Military Discount:

Fox Pizza is a huge brand in more than 25 states. Hence, they have a huge fan following and customer base. Many times, eateries and shopping brands give special discounts to military personnel to acknowledge the sacrifice and irreplaceable role of military men in the country's safety and protection. Hence, many times, military men and ex-militants before ordering something look for military discounts to get benefits off their bills. Unfortunately, Fox Pizza doesn't give any military discount as of now. However, military men and ex-militants can use the various general discounts, coupon codes, and offers that are released around the year on Fox Pizza's website.

Does Fox's Pizza Have Student Discount:

As one of the most popular brand discounts, student discounts are given by numerous recognized and big brands to give back to the student community who are one of the biggest shoppers. Especially when it comes to eateries, students constitute an important consumer group who are often seen around eateries. Unfortunately, Fox Pizza has not yet panned out any special deals or coupon codes, or discounts for the student community. However, Fox Pizza offers uncountable deals, seasonal offers, BOGO deals, and discount codes throughout the year which can be used by anyone and everyone including students.

Does Fox's Pizza Have Senior Discount:

Nowadays, it's a myth that partying and going on food sprees is only for the youth. These days you can also see groups of senior citizens gathering around pizzas and burgers to gossip and have fun with their friends' groups in eateries around the town. They too have evolved along with the youth of today to love these foods equally and hence many big eateries give senior discounts to attract this crowd. Although Fox Pizza doesn't have a special section of senior discounts, there's nothing to be disappointed about as their deals and offers list is endless round the year and can be availed by everyone.

Does Fox's Pizza Have Teacher Discount:

Teacher discounts are the next section of deals that can be found often on various brand websites. To thank the teachers' community for their dedication and commitment to molding the youth, many big brands often pan out for special teachers' discounts to give back to this section of the community. Unfortunately, Fox Pizza doesn't have any separate section for teachersí discounts. But teachers can always use the various coupon codes, seasonal deals, offers, BOGO deals, etc that Fox Pizza releases from time to time on their website. These are general deals and can be availed by everyone irrespective of profession.

Does Fox's Pizza Have Special Discount:

Special discounts include BOGO (Buy One Get One Free), 50% off, and other heavy discounts that can be found on Fox Pizza's website during special occasions and festivals. These special discounts are one of the most sought-after deals and most Fox Pizza fans wait eagerly for these special discounts to enjoy heavy discounts on their bills. Although it's rare and not found throughout the year, Fox Pizza sometimes offers these discounts and if you keep an eye out, you might the lucky one to get your hands on it.

Does Fox's Pizza Have First Order Discount:

First-order discounts are for first-time users and they serve the glorious purpose of introducing a brand to new customers. It's a win-win for both the brand and customer as brands can acquire new customers who eventually turn into loyal fans and customers can also enjoy their first meal at a discount. These are usually given on the website itself or emailed to the customer when they register on the brand's website. Unfortunately, Fox Pizza doesn't have any current first-order discount running. They might start such an initiative in the future and when they do so, they will definitely inform on their official website.

Does Fox's Pizza Have BOGO deal:

Yes, fortunately, Fox Pizza has a current BOGO deal running on their website on a large pepperoni pizza that requires a coupon code to be entered while checking out. Apart from that, Fox Pizza often releases coupons for BOGO deals around the year that can be obtained from their official website. Hence, most customers keep an eye out for BOGO deals on company websites. If you don't find it on their website, you can also ring up their store and ask if any BOGO deal is going on.

Does Fox's Pizza Have Free Delivery:

Free delivery is another amazing offer when you're ordering many items together. Then, the delivery fee doesn't go waste and you can buy something extra for that fee that would have otherwise gone for delivery. Unfortunately, Fox Pizza doesn't have any free delivery coupon code running at this time. You can keep an eye out on their official website for any such coupon codes whenever you're ordering or you can ring up their store executive to be extra sure. Even then, delivery services like Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats might offer free delivery on Fox Pizza at times depending on your order value.

How to use Fox's Pizza Coupons Online:

Fox Pizza pans out numerous coupon codes, offers, and deals around the year which can be availed in the form of coupon codes. Using these coupon codes is very simple and just like you would use any other brand's coupon code. You can simply put all the food items you wanna buy into the cart and copy and paste the coupon code during checkout to avail the discount. If you cannot access it yourself, you can call up their store executive and tell them to place an order on your behalf using the coupon code.

Fox's Pizza Rewards

Finding a special rewards section on such a renowned pizza brand as Fox Pizza feels like a dream come true for both foodies and non-foodies. Fortunately enough, Fox Pizza does have a special rewards program for their members where they give rewards in the form of points with every order and you can redeem those points after collecting them up to a certain level to buy from their menu. You just have to sign up for their rewards program on Fox Pizza's official website and give your correct details.

Fox's Pizza Returns

With Fox Pizza, we assure you that you would never need to return any food item ordered from them. Each and every dish on their menu is curated with the highest-quality ingredients and they don't compromise on taste either. Their food items are also customizable when you're ordering which implies you can order exactly the toppings you enjoy. However, they do not take any food item back once they have received it. If you face any issues after receiving the order like the wrong order being delivered to you, you can always call them up and they will make appropriate arrangements as immediately as possible.

Fox's Pizza Special Discounts

Fox Pizza is a huge brand and practically the talk of the town in its original state. Now that they have expanded to 25 other states, their fan base is ever-growing and hence they often pan out for special discounts and offer codes for their customer base during certain times of the year. For example, on Christmas, New Year, Halloween, and so on, Fox Pizza release special discount coupons on their website which can be availed by everyone based on their order value and membership status. You can keep an eye out for these discounts throughout the festivity season.

Fox's Pizza Gift card

Fortunately, Fox Pizza has a gift card system for its loyal customer base. You just have to give the details of the person and the card value while filling up the gift card form and you will get two options while checking out. In one option, your recipient will directly receive the gift card over mail once you pay at the checkout and in the other option, a PDF form of the gift card will be emailed to you which you can print out and gift to the recipient on your own. You can insert a specialized message for your recipient in both these forms.

Fox's Pizza Shopping Tips

While ordering from huge brands like these, there are certain shopping tips that everyone can keep in mind to get the best deals. Firstly, if you are looking to try out different dishes under a brand, always try to order smaller sizes of the food items, this way you can accommodate multiple different dishes at the same budget. Lastly, whenever buying from Fox Pizza, do not forget to make use of their ongoing deals and discounts by checking out their website which has all the coupon code information. And also, keep an eye out for BOGO deals and 50% off deals during the festival season.

Does Fox's Pizza have Deal of the day

Deals of the days are often panned out by big eateries to attract crowds to the shops and even attract online orders. Fox Pizza, too, sometimes releases special deals of the day which can be BOGO deals, 50% off, 30% off, Free items on orders above a specific order value, and so on. If you're ordering from Fox Pizza's official website and cannot find any deals of the day, you can call up their store to check out if any deal is running and they will surely help you out.

Does Fox's Pizza have 50% Off

Yes, Fox Pizza offers 50% off on certain items off the menu during peak seasons and festivities which can be availed in the form of coupon codes. You can find these coupon codes on their official websites and luckily enough, if you keep an eye out, you will surely find out such a deal. Although these are not regular deals, Fox Pizza does offer these deals during special seasons.