Extreme Pizza Coupons & Promo codes (Jul, 2024)

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50% OFF


Get 50% OFF on 2nd Pizza (Fathers Day Offer)

Now get 50% OFF on your 2nd pizza when you order any choice of your pizza, Visit extremepizza.com more details. Drop the coupon code at checkout. Expires: June 23rd 2023

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Grab $5 OFF On Orders Above $25

Make use of this extreme pizza coupon code to get $5 OFF on all orders above $25, Offer expires on 30th June 2023.

50% OFF


Not Verified: Get 50% OFF On Pizza's

Offer cannot be verified (Give a try): Now get 50% Off on all orders when you order above $150.



Get 25 Bonus Points On Orders Above $25

Now order for $25 and get a bonus points of 25 which can be redeemed on your upcoming orders. Selected locations only.

25% OFF


Get 25% OFF On Orders Above $50

When you order for $50 or more you will get jaw dropping 25% Off, Visit extremepizza.com for more details

20% OFF


Now Get 20% OFF On All Items

Use this deal to get 20% OFF on online orders. May valid on selected locations only. visit your nearest Extreme Pizza branch and avail the deal

$6 OFF


Grab $6 OFF On All Items

Drop the coupon code at Extreme Pizza website to get $6 Off across all orders, Offer not verified by our team. Conditions apply

$5 OFF


Now Get $5 OFF

make use of this coupon to get $5 OFF on all orders, offer valid for online orders only. Visit extremepizza.com for more details and conditions

$5 OFF


Get $5 OFF on All Orders Above $20

When you order for $20 you will get $5 Off irrespective of items ordered. So don't miss the chance. Drop the coupon code at checkout.

$4 OFF


Amazing $4 OFF On XL Pizza

Now you get an amazing $4 Off when you order Extra large 16-inch signature pizza from Extreme Pizza. Offer valid for online orders only

$3 OFF


Now Get $3 OFF On all Orders

Visit Extreme Pizza online store to get $3 off on all orders, offer may valid only for online orders. conditions apply.

$3 OFF


Get $3 OFF

Drop this coupon code to get $3 off on all orders. Offer may valid on only selected locations, visit extremepizza.com for more details.

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Extreme Pizza Offers $2 OFF On All Orders

With this coupon you will get $2 off on all orders irrespective of items. Offer valid for limited time only.

$2 OFF


Now Get $2 OFF On all Orders

Drop this coupon code at extremepizza.com checkout page to get $2 Off on all orders. No strings attached with this deal. Enjoy!

$3 OFF


Bag $3 OFF For Orders Over $30

From Extreme Pizza you can get a $3 off when you order over $30 on any food. Visit your nearest branch and grab it.



Now Get a FREE Kale Salad

When you order their Extra Large Pizza today you will get a free Kale side Salad. Visit extremepizza.com for more details. Hurry!

$3 OFF


Get $3 OFF on Extra Large Pizzas

When you order Extreme Pizza's Signature style extra large pizza (XL) you will get $3 OFF, Offer valid for limited time only. So Hurry!



Get a FREE 8" Pizza

Offers.Pizza does not verified this deal, it may not work. You can get a 8" Pizza when you order a 14" Large Pizza (Signature).

$1 OFF


Get 1$ OFF On Medium Pizzas

When you order Extreme pizza's signature medium pizza today you will be getting a $1 Off not a big deal but still worth it.



Now Get a Free Caprese Salad For a $30 Order

Yeah you read it Right! On ordering $30 or More you will get a FREE Caprese Salad as a compliment. Visit extremepizza.com and grab it today.

Discount Description
50% OFF Get 50% OFF on 2nd Pizza (Fathers Day Offer)
$5 OFF Grab $5 OFF On Orders Above $25
50% OFF Not Verified: Get 50% OFF On Pizza's
Points Get 25 Bonus Points On Orders Above $25
25% OFF Get 25% OFF On Orders Above $50

About Extreme Pizza:

Extreme Pizza is a sports-themed private pizza franchise chain that specializes in traditional and unique California-style pizza recipes. The company was founded by the duo Michael Pastor and Todd Parent back in 1994 right in the famous pizza lanes of San Francisco, California. Currently, the chain is present in over 30 locations across the United States.

Out of 30 locations, 24 franchises are housed in Central California and the rest in 4 other places in the US like Portland (in Oregon), McAllen (in Texas), Boise (in Idaho), Clearwater Beach (in Florida), Wantage (in New Jersey), Grosse Pointe (in Michigan), and Henrico and Charlottesville in Virginia. The newest location that was added to their cap is in Northern Virginia which has been opened by the Entrepreneur Ernest Harris recently as a franchise store.

Most of the West Coast eateries boast pretty decors of extreme adventurous sports like athletics and snowboarding. In keeping up with the same trends of extreme sports decor, Extreme Pizza has also transformed its space into a prior sponsor of the X Games.

Extreme Pizza Menu:

The brand is primarily popular for its mouth-watering pizza recipes. Other dishes that they sell include calzones, salads, and sandwiches. Arugula, Greek, and ravishing varieties of Caesar salads - you name it, and they serve it! However, their most popular one is the fresh tracks with a mix of black olives, fresh mushrooms, artichokes, tomato, and finally topped with mozzarella cheese.

Talking about pizzas, they have endless varieties of those and you cannot decide which one to try first. What's even interesting is that they have given their signature pizzas some really ecstatic names to appeal to the consumer community - The Boar'der, Shredder, Everest, Mont Blanc, and so much more - mostly resonating with extreme sports. You can also customize your own pizza from Extreme Pizza's array of sauces, toppings, and cheese.

They also have three kinds of calzones - Endless Summer, The Pipe, and Big Wednesday - classic calzones made of delicious mozzarella bits, ricotta toppings, marinara sauces, sausages, and much more. You can also indulge in some 'Epic Subs' like their Buffalo Gring, The Ultimate Sub, Chicken Parmesan, Club Carve, and so many others. To finish off a hearty meal, don't forget their dessert section. And oh! If you are on gluten alert, relax now since Extreme Pizza also serves curated gluten-free pizzas!

Does Extreme Pizza Have Military Discount:

Military men and their extreme sacrifices cannot be denied. Hence, many huge brands offer coupons to give thanks to military and ex-military personnel for keeping the country safe. Sometimes, these coupons are also applicable to their family members. Hence, most of the time whenever such personnel visits bigger brand stores, they look for military discounts to enjoy their meals. Unfortunately, Extreme Pizza doesn't offer any separate military discounts to military or ex-military men. But they can always make good use of the various general coupon codes, deals, and discount offers given by the brand on their website.

Does Extreme Pizza Have Student Discount:

Students and young children are the biggest fans of pizza and such gourmet recipes as old by large food brands. Hence, to keep their biggest customer community content, brands like Extreme Pizza often pan out for student discounts. In fact, student discounts are a very common type of offer given by Extreme Pizza and they release the codes directly on their website. So, if you keep an eye out on their website, you will surely get to know if any new student discounts are active. You have to show a valid student ID to redeem the student discount on your bill to enjoy the discount.

Does Extreme Pizza Have Senior Discount:

Just like the young population and children, nowadays senior citizens have also picked up a fondness for pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, and other restaurant dishes. In fact, whenever there is an occasion, you will often find senior groups of people gathering around famous eateries to celebrate birthdays, reunions, or just simply spending an evening with their friends over a box of pizza. Hence, to attract senior crowds to the store, many bigger brands offer senior discounts. However, Extreme Pizza doesn't have any current senior discount policy. If they come out with it, they will surely inform their users.

Does Extreme Pizza Have Teacher Discount:

Teachers are respected all over the world and their commitment to shaping the community cannot be missed out. Teachers are therefore an important part of our community. To celebrate and acknowledge their contributions to society, teachers are often given special discounts at certain stores. Unfortunately, Extreme Pizza doesn't have any special teacher discounts although they might release one during special days like Teachers day as a 'thank you' to the teachers community. Otherwise, teachers can make use of the general discounts given by the brand to be used by everyone.

Does Extreme Pizza Have Special Discount:

Special discounts are given by big brands during special seasons and festivals of the year to help people celebrate with food and gatherings. Hence, you will find heavy discounts, BOGO deals, 30% off offers, and so on during these peak seasons. Extreme Pizza releases endless special discounts on such festival seasons to their regular users.

They also give birthday deals which can be considered special discounts. These are available at certain locations only and you can confirm these by talking to the store representative. Overall, any special discounts they release, the brand communicates through their official website. If you have signed up to be their user, you might also get an email intimation of any special discount coupon.

Does Extreme Pizza Have First Order Discount:

First-order discounts come under a part of customer acquisition. Brands usually use this strategy to give discounts to new users when they are ordering for the first time from that brand. These rewards help them get to newer people and extend their customer base.

Customers are asked to sign up on their website using an email ID and phone number where they receive the discount code. Extreme Pizza has a rewards program when you sign up through which they give certain rewards. However, there is no such first-order discount when you sign up. They might change this policy later in the future but currently, there is no such thing.

Does Extreme Pizza Have BOGO deal:

Getting your hands on a BOGO deal is every foodie's dream, especially if it's from such a huge brand as Extreme Pizza. These are especially helpful while celebrating occasions or giving treats on birthdays and anniversaries. Hence, most people look for BOGO deals whenever they go shopping. Fortunately, Extreme Pizza has a BOGO policy and they release these deals at certain periods of the year. Although not common throughout the year, Extreme Pizza does give BOGO deals during festivities like Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and so on. If you search on their website during these times, you will find such deals.

Does Extreme Pizza Have Free Delivery:

Free delivery coupons are what all of us search for no matter what we are ordering. It's nothing short of 'tears of joy' on finding free delivery coupons and realizing we can use that delivery money on another menu item. But Extreme Pizza doesn't always offer a free delivery offer on their website. Not to get disheartened though, because they sometimes offer such free delivery coupons during the year and it's not too uncommon. Also, you might even find other delivery partners like DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub offering free delivery on Extreme Pizza items if you order through them. They might also give other discounts in addition to the free delivery offer.

How to use Extreme Pizza Coupons Online:

Using Extreme Pizza's coupon codes online is extremely easy and the same as you usually use other brands' codes. Simply put all your order items to the cart and proceed to checkout. If you know the coupon code, type it before paying for the order or copy it from the website and paste it into the space. The discounted price will be shown to you and you have to pay that price to place the order. The code will only be applicable if your cart items and cart orders areeligible according to the terms and conditions.

Extreme Pizza Rewards:

"Extreme Pizza Rewards" imply the loyalty program that they provide for their customers. Through this program, the users earn some points when they make Qualifying Purchases on htheir website and once have collected a specific amount of points in their acccounts, they earn rewards. These rewards can be redeemed to purchase menu items, or used as discounts and offers. There is absolutely no extra fee to sign up and be a part of this Rewards Program but as mentioned in their terms and conditions, qualifying purchases have to be made by customers over a period of time to gradually earn and accumulate points in their account.

Extreme Pizza Returns:

Extreme Pizza doesn't have any returns policy which is normal as any other eatery place. Food companies don't take returns as that cannot be recycled. However, if you have any serious issue with your order like wrong items are delivered to you, you can ask for a replacement by calling them up at their store. Extreme Pizza's customer service is A-class and they arrange for replacement immediately.

Extreme Pizza Gift card:

Extreme Pizza offers gift cards to their customers and you can avail this service by signing upon their website in the 'Gift Cards' section. The card value must be a whole number between $5 and $500 and you have to enter all other details like the recipient name, email address, and other items. You can also include a special note for the personyou want to gift the card to. The card will either be emailed to the recipient's email ID or a PDF of the card will be sent to your email ID which you can print out and gift to the recipient.

Extreme Pizza Shopping Tips:

The best way to enjoy Extreme Pizza's amazing deals and discounts is to keep an eye out for their BOGO and 50% off deals that usually come out on their website during the festivals season. You can enjoy their delectable recipes at a fraction of the penny if you can get your hands on any of these deals. Otherwise, if you are visiting their store for a dine-in or takeaway order, do not forget to check with their store representative to see if any ongoing offers are going on. Birthday deals are also available sometimes - if your birthday is coming up and yo want to celebrate it in any of their offline stores, you can check with them if they have any special discounts for you.

Does Extreme Pizza have Deal of the day:

Extreme Pizza is a sports-based pizza brand and have a huge fascination toward adventurous sports events. Hence, you can expect some rare off-season 'deal of the day' offers when any special sports even is taking place in the country or worldwide, especially events that they sponsor. During other times of the year, they may also choose to release such an offer. If they do so, they communicate it to their customers through their website or the email IDs that users have used to register on their website.

Does Extreme Pizza have 50% Off:

50% off deals are the next best thing to BOGO deals to enjoy their amazing menu items. If you are wanting to try out something new that you have never tasted, these deals are an amazing opportunity to do so as you won't regret paying 50% of the price if you don't like it. And if you like the item, there can be nothing better than that. And our bet is that you would like it most of the time as their quality and taste are unbeatable. For enjoying 50% off deals, look out on their website or ask their store manager if any such deal is going on.