Cassano's Pizza Coupons & Promo codes (Jul, 2024)

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About Cassano's:

Based in Kettering, Ohio, Cassano's is a pizzeria restaurant chain that was previously known as Cassano's pizza king. The chain was first opened in 1953 on the 4th of June by Mr. Kettering grocer Victor Cassano and his mother-in-law. Cassano's are in the market for a very long time and they are known for their special doughs that are made by them with standard technique and recipe. Until 2005, they had a total of 34 pizzeria restaurants around the Dayton area, and they also had various small-scaled kiosks at different convenience stores, gas stations, and hotels. They also had a side business that included pizza-related stuff such as fresh doughs. They make one of the best pizza doughs and they sell these frozen pizza doughs at different stores and their kiosks.

They are very popular around Ohio and the whole of Dayton as they are one of the oldest pizzerias and they have one of the best thin-crust pizzas in the town. People love their pizzas and fresh dough which is one of the most unique things they have. Since the establishment of the company, they have grown a lot but they have a downfall in the middle they overcame it and again became one of the most popular pizzas of the era. Their fresh frozen dough is made at their facility in Kettering and is flash-frozen before they are taken to restaurants, shops, and other caterers.

Cassano's Menu:

The Cassano's are famous for their traditional pizza that is made in the st. Louis-style, with a salty taste, thin flavored crust, crispy. Their pizzas are cut into tiny rectangular pieces instead of regular pie shapes. They are famous for their fresh and soft dough that is made at their facility, and these make one of the most delicious pizzas in the house. You can count on their menu as they have a variety of items in their menu starting from veg options to several non-veg options. You can dig into their menu by starting from several starters that are very tasty and works as the best appetizers. Some of their appetizers and salads include all-time favorite green salad, chef's special salad, grande Ensalada, everyone's favorite garlic cheese bread, grilled chicken salad, chicken wings, toasted ravioli, and many more.

Their main pizza range has one of the best and finest pizzas and some of them are deluxe and super deluxe pizzas, hand-tossed pizzas, the big cheese pizza, veggie pizza, and the non-veg options are the best as they include chicken bbq pizza with the sweet and spicy option, original cheese pizza, and many more. You can also get sides such as subs, pasta, and calzones with them and there are a lot of options in them too.

Does Cassano's Have Military Discount?

Cassano's have great respect and honor for the military and veterans of the country and they always try and serve them with the best. But unfortunately, they do not have any special military discount as they have no policies stated about this on their official page on Facebook or their official website. Though they always try and upgrade their policies in the favour of their customers so there are chances they can add it later. You can always get other offers and discounts that are running in the stores regularly and for all the customers.

Does Cassano's Have Student Discount?

Students are the future of our society and Cassano always serves them with certain discount offers and deals such as combo deals and students pack. They know how much the students love to eat these foods, so they come up with several discounts offers only for the students that they can avail themselves of by showing their student ID cards at the counter. You can get these discount offers in form of coupons, combo offers, and other percentage discounts.

Does Cassano's Have Senior Discount?

Seniors and elders are the prime members of our society and they are respected by all the other members of the society. Cassano's respect them with all their heart and they always help the seniors with some best offers and deals. But they do not have any special discount for the seniors as it does not meet their policy and rulebook. Though you can avail the regular discounts and deals that are on offer by different outlets.

Does Cassano's Have Teacher Discount?

No, the Cassano's do not have any special teacher's discount for their customers who are teachers or professors by profession. Cassano's treats their customers with respect and provides them with the best service possible, they know that teachers are one of the main pillars of the society that has been the support to the children and has made several successful persons by making the future generation brighter. So they are always ready to serve the teachers in every possible way and provide them with the best offers and deals.

Does Cassano's Have Special Discount?

Cassano's provides their customers with several special discounts in the form of different coupons and discount deals at their different outlets. Special discounts are generally offered on weekends or special occasions, and these deals are generally valid for a very limited period. You can avail of these special discounts in the form of coupons that you get on your previous orders as rewards or you get them in your registered account coupons section, these coupons can be redeemed easily by putting them in the coupon code section at the checkout page. You can also get different combo deals and discount offers in the form of special discounts and it depends on the different outlets.

Does Cassano's Have First Order Discount?

Cassano respect and love all its customers in the same way and at the same value. They provide all their customers with something special and always have something to cheer up their customers. In the same way, they have a first-order discount to cheer up the new customers that are registered with them and ordering from them. When you log on to their official website and register yourself with them using your official number or email id you get a coupon that says first order discount. You can use this coupon to get yourself a good discount offer on your first order from the Cassano's pizza. These offers are only valid for the new users and the first order they place from the company.

Does Cassano's Have a BOGO deal?

People always crave discounts and deals along with their favorite food, and they always expect their favorite restaurants to provide them with the perfect offer or deal that makes them happy. So to keep up with the expectations of their customers the company provides BOGO deals occasionally and on some weekends in which one can get a Buy One Get One deal. These deals are active for a very short time, and only the selected stores of the company provide these deals. You can know more about these deals on their official FB page or can simply log on to their official website Cassano's, and you can also know whether your nearest Cassano store provides these deals or not.

Does Cassano's Have Free Delivery?

Cassano's does not provide any free delivery services to their customers as they have their delivery service. The main aim of the Cassano's consists of providing services to the areas which are not so popular and the other pizza places are not able to each. So servicing those areas can be a bit costly, and this is the reason that they cannot afford free deliveries. Though you can get free deliveries sometime or another if you are lucky and you have any coupons that can allow you to get free delivery coupons.

How to use Cassano's Coupons Online?

Cassano is one of the most customer-friendly restaurants ever and they have one of the best services that make the customers happy and satisfied. In the same way, using the coupons provided by Cassano is a very easy task to do. You can easily use these coupons online on the official websites of the Cassano's, and using these coupons can give you various discounts and deals on your order. You can simply choose your favorite food items from the online menu listed on the company's official website and then reach the checkout page, you will get a dialog box name coupon code on the checkout page. You can paste the coupon code into the given box and place your order. You will get the benefits of the coupon once you place the coupon code in the dialog box.

Cassano's Rewards:

Cassano's is very loyal and friendly towards their customers so they offer their customers several deals and offers that make the day of their customers. Additionally, they also have a separate rewards section for their loyal customers that have been with them for years. When a customer registers themselves using their number or email id on the official website of the company they are enrolled in a rewards system that is a separate section on their website. Every time you order from the company's website you get some points with your order, and you can use these points later on your next orders to avail some discounts or they can be also used as cash points that reduce the order amount.

Cassano's Returns:

The Official website and Facebook page of Cassano do not have any detailed information about the returns and refund policy of the company. Though you can get an exchange on your order if you have a valid point to prove your claim. You can get an exchange on your order and the exchange will be as same as your previous order value.

Cassano's Gift card:

Gifting options are very limited nowadays because of the lean choices of the people, but everyone loves a good food treat as their gift. So Cassano's has come up with gift card options in which you can choose a gift card of any value depending upon your choice and gift it to someone special. You can get these cards customized according to you and can send them anywhere you want through email. Using these cards is also very easy as you just have to take them to your nearest Cassano store or you can simply avail them online on their website.

Cassano's Shopping Tips:

When you are shopping with Cassano, you should always look out for deals of the days and combo deals of the day. You should always visit them on the weekends if you want to get good deals on your food and want to take the maximum profits as discounts. You should also look out for coupons, BOGO deals, and 50% off deals to maximize your profit. You can get extra discounts when you order from a new account every time as you get first order discounts, and sometimes you may also get 3 consecutive first-order discounts if you are lucky enough.

Does Cassano's have Deal of the day?

Deal of the day is very common at Cassano's as they change their deals and combos almost every day with fresh and new combos and offers to make their customers feel fresh and new every day. The company offers new deals every day in form of combos, discount offers, and several other exclusive deals. These deals mostly depend from outlet to outlet and most of the deals are valid for the day only. You can know about the deal of the day by simply calling your nearest Cassano outlet or you can check their official website and pages. The BOGO and 50% off deals also come under the deal of the day.

Does Cassano's have 50% Off:

Deals and offers are very common at the Cassano's and they always come up with one or another deals and discounts to make their customers happy. They also come up with 50% off deals occasionally and on some weekends to cheer up their customers. These deals are valid for a very short time and are provided on a first come first serve basis. You can get these deals in form of coupons or you can also get direct deals from your nearest outlet.