Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Coupons & Promo codes (Jun, 2024)

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Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza:

Pizzas have always been a favorite menu option among all age groups. It is easy to order and tasty to enjoy with the group. It makes the perfect partner even for a lonely movie night. If you are looking to order the best coal-fired pizzas and other dishes in and around the state of Florida, then you would want to try the menu at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. The restaurant chain, with more than 60 locations to its credit started its journey in the year 2002.

Anthony Bruno is the founder of this pizza chain and he is from Long Island. According to the story on the website, he moved to Florida and couldn't find the pizzas he enjoyed in his hometown and opened this restaurant. The restaurant now has a presence in more than 8 states including Florida and has nearly 60 outlets. The restaurant chain was later acquired by BurgerFi in the year 2021 and has gained further attention and momentum among pizza lovers.

The restaurant also has giveback events where the customers get an opportunity to give back to the community. The restaurant offers the customers to host such charity events and also gives a 20% back to donate to the cause for which the charity is being held as well.

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Menu:

If you love to have the freshest produce on your pizza and have it well done, then Anthony's is the place to be. The menu boasts a variety of dishes with each promising the highest quality ingredients, made with care. The tomatoes for the sauces are chosen from the plumpest of the Italian tomatoes while vine-ripened ones are favored for making your salads. The restaurant spends time learning the best ingredients for each dish ensuring that the customers get only the best for their meal. The menu comprises the following main categories:

  • a) Coal-fired starters feature roasted chicken wings, meatballs cooked in tomato sauce, Caesar salad, garlic knots, eggplant Marino, and the classic Italian salad.
  • b) The main course has many coal-fired pizza options including the classic Margherita and white pizza for cheese lovers, meatballs and ricotta, Paulie's Pie, Carnivori, etc. for the meat lovers, Roasted cauliflower, Eggplant Marino, etc. for those seeking vegetarian options.
  • c) There are also sandwiches and pasta for a little extra on the side.
  • d) You can also opt for desserts to end the meal from their menu along with liquor or other non-alcoholic beverages to suit your palate.
  • e) The restaurant also offers catering services for parties and celebrations.
  • Does Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Have Military Discount?

    Anthony's is the best place to visit if you want to enjoy coal-fired, thin-crusted, amazingly made pizzas and other dishes for a meal. If you are from the military, then you might be pleased to know that they give a discount and freebies on Veterans Day every year for those who serve the country and their families. Remember to bring your ID proof to get these discounts in November. On all other days, there are no specific discounts and deals offered for the veterans or their families. And yet the everyday deals are so delicious that you wouldn't be seeking anything more to add to your bill.

    Does Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Have Student Discount?

    The student community tops the list of pizza-loving communities in the world and this is no different in the US. This is probably why many pizza restaurants offer amazing deals for the students and the respective communities. There are no specific deals or offers given out by Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza chain for the students though. This might vary between the different outlets and you would want to check with the respective outlet near you to know of any deals or discounts for students. If available, do remember to carry your ID to avail of the discount.

    Does Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Have Senior Discount?

    As much as we think that pizzas are loved by youngsters, the dish is favored across all age groups. Even the elderly would love to have a slice of these delicious pies especially when they are made with care as at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza restaurant near you. If you belong to this category, then you can check out the various deals and offers available on any particular day by visiting the website or the nearest outlet. However, you will not find any ongoing discounts given to the seniors in the community. This might be different on particular celebratory days that you can verify with the outlet near you.

    Does Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Have Teacher Discount?

    There is no ongoing offer only for teachers at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza chain in the US. Teachers help in shaping the future of every community and that is why they deserve recognition and rewards. The restaurant does identify with this statement and hence they offer a variety of discounts but are not limited to teachers. The deals and promotional offers available at Anthony's apply to everyone and can be availed on any given day. Sometimes, they run promotional offers promoting the dishes for teachers, which you can enquire about in the nearest restaurant.

    Does Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Have Special Discount?

    There is nothing less or more about any discount at any place and when you get a discounted price on the yummiest of the pizzas in the locality, it makes your day more special. Deals and offers are raining every day at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza restaurant and the details of the same can be found on their website. You can also call them to find the latest offers. There are special discounts offered by the restaurant but this varies every day and it would be prudent to check with them to know more about the available deals while you are placing the order.

    Does Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Have First Order Discount?

    The website of Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza does not mention anything about a discount on first-time orders. But if you are ordering for the first time from Anthony's, you are definitely in for a delight as there are other deals and promotional codes to be used while ordering here. These are not just for first-time buyers but are meant for anyone to use at the time of ordering. These deals vary every day and you can check about this on the company website or search the web for promotional codes. You can also call the nearest outlet to get more information.

    Does Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Have BOGO deal?

    The BOGO deal or the Buy One Get One deal is offered on certain days at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza chain of restaurants. You will have to check the website for the offers of the day or enquire at the nearest outlet if the deal is available on any day. Sometimes they even offer two for one draft beers, wine, etc. There are also offers like getting two large pizzas at the price of just one offered on particular days that you can avail of. You can check the coupons page of the company or check with the local outlet to know more about the available offers before placing your order.

    Does Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Have Free Delivery?

    The restaurant chain has a tie-up with third-party vendors to deliver pizzas to customers across the states. For example, they collaborate with Grubhub and offer free delivery in selected locations. This may not apply to all locations though. Alternatively, for orders above a certain amount, you might find offers that give you free delivery to your doorstep. You can check with the outlet manager on possible free delivery options to your locality. Furthermore, other discounts and offers given out by Anthony's make up for the delivery charges you might incur while ordering pizzas from them.

    How to use Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Coupons Online?

    You have probably unlocked the treasure chest if you have the coupon codes from Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in your hands. These coupon codes can be used with ease while placing your order online.

  • a) Choose the pizzas and other dishes you want to enjoy from the restaurant and add them to your shopping cart online.
  • b) You can then proceed toward the payment page to provide information related to shipping, etc.
  • c) On this same page, you will find information and the place to provide the coupon code.
  • d) Enter the coupon information and apply the same to your bill to get a discounted price.
  • Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Rewards:

    The rewards program at Anthony's is designed to truly delight every customer who places an order with them. By joining the program, you can earn points every time you order a meal, enjoy a free pizza (12"), and other benefits to be a VIP customer. Becoming a member is quite simple and you can either do it online or offline at the store. For every dollar, you spend in the restaurant you can earn 10 points. There will also be additional reward points added as a loyalty reward when you accumulate 750 points. The rewards you earn can be redeemed both online and offline.

    Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Returns:

    The pizza restaurant chain does not cater to a specific return policy. While there may not be a reason for you to return the order or cancel any dish, you can still enquire for a possible refund or exchange at the respective outlet you placed the order from. If you wish to cancel or exchange and the request is genuine, then the outlet will help you with the same. In the case of exchanges, any additional cost on the product has to be borne by the customer, unless advised otherwise by the outlet or management. You can reach out to customer support for any assistance.

    Anthony's Fired Pizza Locations:

    Known for authentic recipes passed down through many generations, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza has outlets in more than 60 locations. The first restaurant was opened in the year 2002 and has spread across 8 different states so far. The restaurant started in Florida and has expanded over years to other states thanks to the genuine recipes and great taste. There are outlets in the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Ohio, etc. You can check for the nearest outlet on the location map on the website of Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza and place the order from the nearest location.

    Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift card:

    Gifting a meal is one of the best ways to show someone that you care about them. Treating them to pizzas, especially if the receiver is in the younger age group could be the best bet. The gift cards from Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza are designed keeping this in mind. Currently, the company offers gift cards in two different formats. It can be obtained in both digital or physical form as you would prefer. Both these cards can be ordered online. You can also have them issued at any outlet near you and gift them to your loved ones.

    Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Shopping Tips:

    Buying and indulging in the heavenly slice of pizza from Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza could just be your way to having a complete meal. And you can make it tastier with these tips we have for you while shopping at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza.

  • a) Use the coupon or discount codes available online both at the restaurant website and other genuine websites. You can use these codes while placing your order and get a whopping discount on the amount.
  • b) The other option is to join the rewards program with the restaurant that will earn you amazing rewards with every buy.
  • Does Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza have Deal of the day?

    Deals are available in plenty when you are ordering from Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza chain. There is no specific deal of the day that you can avail but there are deals every day and almost on every order. Sometimes the deal is for the number of pizzas you order while at other times, it is on the total amount for which the order is placed. There are also other deals where you can get freebies on your order above a certain amount or get another pizza free while ordering one as well. Check with your local outlet to know the current deals and offers of the day.

    Does Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza have 50% Off?

    Every day lot of offers and discounts are available at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, easy to use for anyone. Among these offers and discounts, there might also be someone that offers you a 50% discount on the cost of a dish or a meal above a certain amount, etc. This is not decided for every day and it might vary between outlets. You can check the latest discounts and offers from the respective outlet or you can check the website to know the latest deals available. You can also find multiple coupon codes online from various websites offering you the chance to get a 50% discount on your order.