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SALE Wednesday Deal!! Get Free Upgrade To Gluten Free Crust Pizza On Every Wednesday
FREE SHIPPING Purchase $39+ And Get Free Shipping
$5 OFF Get $5 Off On Online Shopping
$5 OFF Order $20 Or Above And Get $5 Off
$5 OFF Order of $20 Or More On Sitewide And Get $5 Off

About Zpizza

Zpizza, which is pronounced as z pizza or simply called z was started in the year 1986 by Sid Fanarof and his business mate Suzi Megroz. It was first established in Laguna Beach, California, and now they have different locations scattered in many different states. They have the best Laguna-style pizzas that are loved by the people as they are unique and taste great. Fanarof and Megroz came with this idea of opening the pizza store in Laguna beach, and they kept the name of their first outlet as ‘the pizza place’, but as Megroz was from France, he used to pronounce the name as ‘the zee pizza place’. Keeping this in mind they came to the name Zpizza.

The company was growing very well in the Laguna beach region and they started expanding their business. It was then listed as a franchisee store and was owned collectively by Fanarof, Dan rove, and Chris bright. Several new outlets were opened throughout the country, and they also started franchising from the year 2000, and this move boosted their sales with a great margin and they started making a good amount of revenue. Now they have stores all over Oregon, California, and Arizona. They have a variety of pizza options and they also serve different cuisines like sandwiches and salad.

Zpizza Menu

Zpizza has a variety of items on their menu, they provide you with a wide range of pizza options, salads, and different kinds of sandwiches too. They have one of the best-tasting pizzas in the market with a Laguna beach authentic flavor. They also provide you with the choice of making your pizza with different flavors of sauces, thin or thick crust, different toppings, and many other options.

  • The best part about them is their vegan and vegetarian pizza menu. They have a wide range of options in their veg and vegan pizza menu, so you can easily choose the best flavor that suits you and enjoy the greatness of pizza. One such example is the Arugula pesto pizza salad, it is a great combination of tasty piz and healthy salad.
  • The pizza range also comes with favorite non-veg items such as Mexican, cheese, hot garlic chicken, and other authentic pizzas with great taste.
  • They also have a whole range of salads available for health-conscious people, and they also have different sandwiches that you can enjoy with your office mates.
  • The sides and other dishes include shareable items such as fries, garlic bread, Zballs, and 2 to 3 variants of pasta.

Does Zpizza Have Military Discounts?

Military and veterans are the respected citizens of our society who protect us and guard us so that we can sleep peacefully. We can live with peace and without any tensions because of the militaries who are constantly doing their duty to protect us from unwanted threats and attacks. Zpizza also loves them and respects them, and to show respect to them, they put up special discounts on the veteran and military day, and you can take advantage of that discount by showing your IDs at the store while ordering your food. But they do not have any regular military discount on offer, so you can enjoy the usual offers and deals on other days.

Does Zpizza Have a Student Discount?

Students and children are one of the prime customers of the Zpizza restaurants as most of the students are children and teenagers, and they love to eat pizzas and pasta. The company understands this well and they always try to serve them with love and care because they are also the future of the society and the wellness of the society depends on them. Zpizza doesn’t have any regular student discount but some of their stores do offer discounts and deals on the occasion of children’s day and student’s day, so you can keep track of them and enjoy your student’s discount.

Does Zpizza Have a Senior Discount?

Senior citizens are other elders of the society and they are considered as the past makers because we all are here and successful because of them. The Zpizza also respects them from their heart and loves to serve them, but they do not have any senior citizen discount for the seniors in regular terms. They always have some discounts and deals on their menus and these deals differ store to store because of their different ideologies and business strategies. So you can check with your nearest outlet to know more about the active deals and offers before ordering.

Does Zpizza Have Teacher Discount?

Zpizza has a lot of staff members as they are a big pizzeria and are scattered in several countries, and many of them are full-time workers as well as part-time workers. The part-time workers also include some teachers, that is why Zpizza knows their efforts and sacrifice towards society. They respect them from their heart and have a special place in their heart for them, this is why they provide them with huge discount offers on the special occasion of teacher’s day. But unfortunately, they do not have any regular teacher discount on their menu.

Does Zpizza Have Special Discount?

Zpizza has been satisfying their customers with great taste and good prices, and they have an aim to make their customers happy with good service. This is why they often offer several special discounts and deals that are generally provided on special occasions and other events, and sometimes they also offer these discounts on a normal day as a gesture. You can keep checking with them on their official website or by calling them on their phone number, or you can simply walk into their store. These special discounts are for everyone and you can also get these to make your meal deal happier.

Does Zpizza Have First Order Discounts?

Zpizza values all their customers and they love to provide them with different discounts and offers. Every day they have one or more new customers added to their family, but they do not offer any First order discount for their new customers or the ones who register themselves for the first time. But they do have different regular deals and discounts that they offer normally and on different special occasions, and they also provide several coupons that can give your discounts on your favorite items from their menu.

Does Zpizza Have a BOGO deal?

There are several deals and offers running in the stores of Zpizza and one such deal is the BOGO deal that stands for Buy One Get One offer. You can get two of your favorite item from their menu and you will only have to pay for one of the items, the other one will come absolutely free. These deals are like flash offers, they last till the stock lasts or are for a very limited period and they are offered in selected stores only to boost their sales. So you should always keep checking with them on their site or by calling them to get these deals and enjoy your favorite food at an exciting price.

Does Zpizza Have Free Delivery?

Zpizza provides delivery services to their customers and they keep special track of their delivery services so that their customers don’t have to suffer or wait for their favorite pizza. They do not provide any free delivery service as they use a third-party delivery service to fulfill their orders. But you can always get some coupons that can give you a chance to get free delivery on your orders or you can get deals from them where you can get free delivery when your order amount reaches a certain limit. So, for getting free delivery and saving some money you can enquire about those coupons and deals from the restaurant.

How to use Zpizza Coupons Online?

Zpizza provides its customers with different offers and deals periodically so that their customers get engaged and loves to order their favorite pizzas and other food items from their menu. In the same way, they also offer some coupons that can be redeemed easily and a good discount offer can be enjoyed. You can use these coupons online too, you just have to log in to their official site and choose your favorite item and add them to your cart and then when you get to the payment gateway you will see a dialog box that is mentioning coupon code. You just have to put the coupon code in that box and your coupon will be redeemed and it will give you a good discount on your deal.

Zpizza Rewards

Zpizza has come up with the idea of a rewards system to show some gesture towards their loyal customer base. When a customer registers themselves on the Zpizza site or stores with their phone number or email id, they get enrolled in a reward system in which every time they order something from the restaurant they get some points in the rewards section and they can use those points on their next order.

Zpizza Returns

Returns and exchange are the two most demanded policies that are loved by the people, especially customers. Zpizza has a very clear and crystal policy about their returns and exchange, they do not allow any returns after an order is processed, you can’t cancel that order too. If you cancel the order or return it, you will not get any refund or exchange on your order, but if you have a valid reason for returning the order then you may get a refund or the same item or a different item of the same price.

Zpizza Locations

Zpizza was first opened and established in Laguna Beach, California. They have various stores in different locations of different countries, they grew very rapidly and did business with sincerity. They are primarily scattered in three countries that include Arizona, California, and Oregon. They also have their stores in the areas of Los Angeles, Raleigh metro, the Bay area, and Phoenix metro. You can find your nearest store or the store of your choice by using the store locator on their official website, you can also find all the locations lost on their website.

Zpizza Gift card

Choosing a gift for your loved ones or close ones can be hard sometimes, and in today's busy life schedule it becomes harder to think about a perfect gift for a special occasion. So to make your confusion and work easier, Zpizza has come up with gift cards that can be bought from their sites or stores and be gifted as the perfect gift. You can choose the amount according to your need and they can make you a gift card of the value, and these gift cards can be redeemed easily at any Zpizza store or online.

Zpizza Shopping Tips

Shopping tips are only valuable when they save you a good amount of money from your pocket. You should follow some golden rules when you are ordering from Zpizza, they always provide some offers and combo deals on their menu, and you should always choose from these deals combo offers because they save a great sum of money when compared to single items from the menu. You should always try and grab the BOGO deals and special offers, as they are very limited and have value for money results.  

Does Zpizza have Deal of the day?

Deal of the day is always offered in pizzerias and restaurants so that the energy among the customers stays intact and they keep ordering their favorite food and enjoy them with happy faces. There are various Deals of the day such as combo offers, pre-order deals, free delivery offers, 10-20% discount offers, and many more.

Does Zpizza have 50% Off?

Zpizza offers 50% off deals often, but they are valid for a very limited time, so you should always try and get these deals in hurry. These deals are not offered in all the stores, they are only offered in selected stores, so you should check with your nearest store for the deal and order your favorite pizza.