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Discount Description
SALE Get This Carryout Deal, Buy Any Large Pizza Only For $10.99
SALE Buy Any 2 or More Only For $5.99 Each
SALE Buy Any Large Pizza And Get Free New Baked Mac N Cheese
SALE Get Any Two for $9.99 Each
SALE Carryout Deal, And Get Large 2 Topping Pizza For $8.99

Topper's Pizza

Founded in 1982, Topper's Pizza not only suffices hunger cravings but is an emotion for those who have tasted their dishes. The company is headquartered in Whitewater, Wisconsin, and comprises a large chain of pizza outlets spread all over the US. Founded by Scott Gittrich (Founder and CEO) and Kendall Richmond (CFO), Topper's is a registered trademark popular among all goodies in the States. The restaurant has outlets that feature large dining areas coupled with a kid's gaming area and was ranked #58 of the top 100 Pizza companies by Pizza Today.

This pizza chain comprises both company-owned outlets and franchise ones. With more than 65 outlets under their belt, they operate throughout the States and can be found in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and many other states. The chain operates with its target audience being college-goers and foodies between 18 and 34 years old.

One of the Topper's Pizza founders, Scott Gittrich got into the pizza business in 1984 as a college student while graduating at the University of Illinois and worked part-time at Domino's Pizza as a delivery boy. He got interested in the pizza business by gathering ideas from Domino's. He even became the director of operations for a group of 22 Domino's franchise outlets. Later, he quit in 1991 to start his own pizza business Topper's Pizza along with Kendall Richmond.

Topper's Pizza Menu

The Topper's Pizza menu features more than just pizza and each of their creation has top-notch innovation associated with it. They believe what toppings or dips go into the pizza should be decided by experimenting in the kitchen and not in a meeting boardroom. In fact, this genuinity and spontaneity is the very philosophy that has made them one of the top pizza companies in the States that appeals to the young generation. Talking about their menu, they have a lot of other options besides pizza to serve late-night hunger cravings like Toppersticks, Wings, Sides, Desserts, Drinks, Dipping' sauces, and a special section created out of plant-based items for the vegan foodies. The best feature about Topper's Pizza is their authentic and innovative tastes that delight everyone's palate.

  1. There are endless varieties of pizzas to choose from and if that's not enough, you get to create your special dream pizza using their dips and toppings. From mouth-melting cheese-loaded pizzas to buffalo pizzas and even vegan variants, there is something for everyone's cravings. Their pizza comes in three sizes to accommodate different groups of different sizes. Their toppings that you can choose from include buffalo chicken, cauliflower, pepperoni, vegan toppings, and much more that are garnished together with Ranch dressings, Wisconsin cheese, and pesto among the favorites. You can opt for a vegan dressing by substituting cheese with dairy-free mozzarella!
  1. Next to their heart-melting pizzas, they offer Topperstix, Garlicstix, Baconstix, Cinnamonstix, Pepperoni Stix, Nachostix, and of course a vegan variant - Veganstix with crystal clear ingredients list.
  1. Then comes the hot favorite wings. You can choose from a wide variety of wing preparations to enjoy with a pizza or as it is! They have boneless wings, bone-in wings as well as vegan-friendly, plant-based wings.
  1. There are also some delicious macs as side dishes loaded with buffalo, chicken, plant-based ingredients to add a sumptuous end to your cravings. From smoked bacon, ranch dressings to mouth-watering Wisconsin cheese, roasted jalapenos, pepperonis, and more, their sides got you covered.
  2. On their desserts menu, they boast some of the amazing tastes of chocolate and cream bread, raspberry-dressed bread, cinnamon preparations among others.
  3. They also have non-alcoholic beverages like Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, and so on to fill your thirst
  4. Lastly, their sauces are to die for when it hits the taste buds. Ranch, garlic sauces, nachos dressing, parmesan garlic, marinara, chipotle, bleu cheese, buffalo - the list is truly endless.
  5. Their menu also features a special vegan section that covers all their plant-based preparations for vegan people.

From parties to huge family get-togethers, their menu is comprehensively built to serve all kinds of dietary requirements - vegan, dairy-free, and a make your own pizza option.

Does Topper's Pizza have a military discount?

There are no special military discounts offered by Topper's Pizza as of now. However, they might have special discounts on special military days and occasions. You can find out these discounts by contacting their nearest outlets. 

Does Topper's Pizza have a student discount?

Students are the primary target audience for this pizza brand but as of now, Topper's Pizza does not have any student discount running throughout the year. However, they have plenty of year-round deals available on pizzas, drinks, and wings that are considered to be absolute steal deals by binge pizza eaters.

Does Topper's Pizza have a senior discount?

Nowadays, pizza cravings are not confined to youngsters, students, and college-goers alone and senior citizens tend to love pizza and pasta preparations equally. Senior citizens can often be spotted on pizza shop windows enjoying their favorite tastes with a group of friends. So, many of them are on the lookout for senior discounts to enjoy a big meal. With Topper's Pizza, there are no special senior discounts for aged foodies. However, they have a long list of daily coupons and deals under their belt that gives the best value to your favorite food items. These coupons and discount codes are applicable for all ages and truly make for a steal deal at Topper's Pizza. Lastly, they might sometimes offer some special seasonal discounts and rewards to senior citizens and you might be lucky enough to win one!

Does Topper's Pizza have a teacher discount?

Discounts are endless at the outlets of Topper's Pizza and can be easily surfed from their websites and even by inquiring at the store. As of now, Topper's doesn't have any specific discounts for teachers although, on special occasions, they might introduce one for teachers for a day or two. In the meantime, if you want to enjoy their meals and mouth-watering tastes, their huge platter of year-round deals and discounts will be more than sufficient to keep you covered on any given day. You can place an order using these coupons at their store and even on their website. Their year-round deals and coupons are applicable to all ages and professions and make for amazing deals for a quick snack.

Does Topper's Pizza have a special discount?

As per consumer reports, their prices are one of the fairest in the pizza world and their year-round deals make it even more special. All their year-round discounts and deals make any meal special. Moreover, they also offer special discounts seasonally which are updated both on their websites and can be availed at all their outlets. There are offers that run throughout the month and special deals are available on weekends. Again, based on the seasonal occasions and celebrations, special discounts are introduced from time to time that makes each meal even more enjoyable.

Does Topper's Pizza have a first-order discount?

Yes! Just like Domino's and many other pizza franchises, Topper's have first-order discounts for all age groups that are lucrative on any food item you choose from their menu. Moreover, you can even use their year-round deals on your first order and get a good discount on your bill.

Does Topper's Pizza have a BOGO deal?

Most people on the lookout for steal deals to reduce their bill amount or buy more at less value when dining with a group, goes for BOGO deals. It is nothing but Buy One Get One deal that is considered to be one of the best deals on food by any consumer. This option enables you to enjoy your favorite pizzas at a lesser cost and more. These deals are not offered on a daily basis or on all the dishes. It is generally offered on special days or weekends or seasonal festivities and also on certain items on the menu of Peter Piper Pizza. You can find out more about this on the company website or by calling the nearest pizza outlet.

Does Topper's Pizza have free delivery?

Topper's Pizza has both takeaway and delivery options on their pizzas and other menu items. So, if you want to order through their website, you can find free delivery options at certain seasons or occasions but most of the time, they deliver for a nominal delivery fee. And sometimes, on a huge bill amount, coupons or deals are there that make the delivery fee zero. You can always check if a free delivery deal is currently running and simply choose that from the coupons list before paying the bill. For more free delivery options, you can always get in touch with the outlet over the phone before placing the order.

How do you use Topper's Pizza coupons online?

The coupons offered by Topper's Pizza are endless and are available on their website throughout the year. You can use those coupons simply by copying the coupon code and pasting it before paying the bill. Just choose the items you want to order from the menu and then add to the cart. While checking out, just copy the coupon code and apply it to the coupon code area and see the bill amount decrease automatically. Then pay the bill as usual.

Topper's Pizza rewards

The Topper's Pizza rewards its continuous consumers for their loyalty. They have special offers for their loyal customers and offer discounts when they order again from their outlets or online website. This is done using the Rewards program of Topper's Pizza, which rewards loyal customers that are a part of their loyal customer base for a long time. You can be a part of their loyalty program by signing up and earn rewards for the long run that will reduce your pizza bills. They also have other rewards for their customers like cashback.

Topper's Pizza returns

There is no particular option of returning pizza from Topper's Pizza. They don't mention anything about their return policy on their website but be rest assured that you will never feel the need to return any of their menu items once you taste them. However, if there is any specific reason for exchanging your order, you can certainly speak to the manager at the offline outlet. They might exchange your order for another item of a similar value or lesser value according to your preferences.

Topper's Pizza locations

Topper's Pizza has grown significantly over the last 39 years and has now spread over more than 65 locations. They are present in the states of states of Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Nebraska, Michigan, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Wyoming. You can find out their nearest outlet from your location by searching using your zip code on their official website.

Topper's Pizza gift card

Topper's Pizza has numerous gift cards for occasions whether it's a birthday present or for some other party. You can gift your loved ones with a gift card from their pizza outlet - Topper's Pizza. You can buy their gift cards online or at any of their offline outlets.

Topper's Pizza shopping tips

If you want to enjoy their delicious pizzas, the best way to do so is by keeping an eye out for their amazing discounts, seasonal offers, and more that they run from time to time. Another shopping tip is to enjoy their special sauces and dips.

Does Topper's Pizza have a deal of the day?

Topper's Pizza doesn't always have a deal of the day running at their outlets. But during the festivities season or special occasions, you can surely check out with the receptionist for a deal of the day. You will surely find something useful to enjoy with your gang. Anyways, there are a plethora of promo offers and coupon deals running throughout the year that can be used on any day.

Does Topper's Pizza have 50% off?

Topper's Pizza has a plethora of deals and promotional offers throughout the year. Although the discount amounts vary, you may get a 50% on only a few days of the year.