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Curry Chicken Delight Pizza Only On$18.99

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Pumpkin Cheesecake Only For $4.99

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Signature Specialty Large Pizza For Just For $16.99

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Get any Large Specialty Pizza for only $19.99 And we will donate $1.00

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Combo Offer: 1 Large Specialty Pizza + 1 Large Topping Pizza Only For $28.99

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Purchase Of 2 Large Pizzas Just For $32.98 Each

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For $23.98 Get 2 Medium Specialty Pizzas

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Purchase Of Any Large Specialty Pizza Just For $23.99 And $1 Goes To American Cancer Society

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Offer At Sacramento Area, Medium Gourmet Specialties Just For $14.99

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Combo Offer: Any Large 2-topping Pizza + a NEW Artisan Flatbread For $20

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Discount Description
ONLY $18.99 Curry Chicken Delight Pizza Only On$18.99
25% OFF Order Sitewide And Get 25% Off
FROM $4.99 Pumpkin Cheesecake Only For $4.99
ONLY $16.99 Signature Specialty Large Pizza For Just For $16.99
ONLY $12.99 Buy Large 1-Topping Pizza For $12.99

About Pizza Guys

Every restaurant and café have had their share of rough patches. Pizza Guys first opened in 1986, as a single restaurant. From the opening day, the guys at Pizza Guys have tried to create the best version of the classic pizzas. Along with providing the best quality food, the Pizza Guys also provide the best quality customer support. All these features have helped Pizza Guys to reach heights and maintain 70 different franchises owned by separate people, both men, and women.

At Pizza Guys, the employees and entire team work together to create new ravishing and delectable flavors of pizza, pasta, wings, etc. They shred mozzarella cheese from 100% whole milk. Today, the Pizza Guys have spread across wide regions and continue to make people happy with their delicacies. The premium quality pizzas have made the store at par with other stores like Tyson. Let us directly dive into the Pizza Guys menu.

Pizza Guys Menu- Pizza, Pasta, Desserts, and more!

Let us talk about the items on the menu of this high-quality, gourmet pizza corner.

  • Pizza Guys has the option of Build Your Own. Here you can try something new from a wide range of toppings, sizes, and flavors every time you decide to place an order. There are several combinations you can try and get a new rich flavor from them.
  • The Specials category has you caught big time. You can now enjoy your favorite pizza more, by getting a big discount every time you place an order. Happy eating!
  • Moving on to the most-awaited and most important section. The Pizza Guys pizza section has got you all drooling over for a long time now. The Curry Chicken Delight is a must-try. The original crust is filled with the Signature white garlic sauce. The entire base is topped with mozzarella cheese that is made from 100% whole milk. Other than that it has curry seasoning, naturally grilled chicken tossed with red onions, green bell peppers, fresh cilantro, and some diced tomatoes. The Crunch Club is a bestseller, no Here too, a base with the signature garlic white sauce on the Tuscany Thin Crust is topped with a combination of Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese, a generous mix of Smoked and Canadian Bacon, some Roma Tomatoes, and Fresh Green Onions. Another specialty of Pizza Guys that every pizza and taco lover should try at least once is the Beef Taco Pizza.
  • Moving on, the next section is for the lovers of Flatbreads. We love the oh-so Fiery Pepperoni Bacon. Creamy Pesto Artichoke is another specialty under the flatbread section that would like you to try. Other than that, there are other dishes like the grilled chicken spinach.
  • Next to the pizza items in the Pizza Guys menu bar comes the Wings section. Don't we all look forward to a no-cooking weekend with a Pizza box and a plate of those smoked and hot wings to share with our loved ones, while watching our favorite sitcom? The idea itself is making us pray for the fast arrival of the weekends. There are wings available with 8 or 12 pieces. The wings would have your choice of flavors. The flavors range from the spicy Frank's Red Hot Buffalo, or Frank's Flamin Hot Buffalo flavor, to sweet bbq or the mango habanero flavor. You would also get to choose the sauce for the wings. There are spicy bbq sauce and the Kogi Serrano chili sauce along with other sauces to choose from.
  • Pizza Guys serve the best cheese pesto bread along with other flavorsome items. The classic cheese bacon bread is a must-try. We urge you to check out the cheese bacon rolls if you love meant and cheese (which is what every pizza-lover mostly dreams of). The Cheese Jalapeño Bread is however our favorite. Calzone is another house favorite item. Pizza Guys' signature Original Crust is filled with their classic tangy red tomato sauce, generously distributed mozzarella cheese, and 2 free toppings of your own choice.
  • Pasta is another section that is available in all Pizza corner menus. The classics include Penne Sausage Marinara Pasta which has the tangy taste of marinara in every bite. Then there comes the super smooth and cream-filled Creamy pesto chicken pasta. The Rustico Pasta is our favorite.
  • Salads are a healthy accompaniment to something so rich in taste as pizza. Salads often attract the working out and staying-fit section of pizza lovers. The menu offers a range of salads to choose from. It includes the classic Garden Salad, Crispy Chicken Salad that has chunks of crispy fried chicken in them. It also has the spinach pineapple salad for the green-lovers. You could try their Mediterranean salad along with the delicious yet healthy chicken bacon ranch salad or the Antipasto salad.
  • Desserts are a tricky section in the menu card for pizza corners. A scoop or two of Dreyer's ice cream has never done anybody bad. The Big 'n Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie is our favorite on the menu. Other than that you get the sweet sugary Cinna-Twist. 
  • Under Drinks, there is not much, still something for everyone. There are drinks like stubborn soda, iced tea, or Gatorade to choose from.
  • There is another section called Extras. By now, most of us must have understood the variety of flavors and items Pizza Guys have to offer to us. Considering them all, this section gives serves you a series of dips and sauces to pair with your choice of pizza. There is the basic side ranch and the signature white garlic sauce. Other than that you can get some anchovies, or pineapple chunks to pair with the food. We prefer getting hold of one of those special parmesan cheese packets. You even get paper plates here.
  • Let us talk about the Specials section of the Menu of Pizza Guys. This section mostly deals with offers and values on meals for every sector of the pizza-loving population. There are few options under the specials category for kids. One of the most popular ones is the one that gives a pizza with your choice of toppings for the kid. The sizes could be in a medium or even XL. Then there is the Big Guy Pizza for all pizza lovers. Here you get the best deals on several of their delectable items.

Do Pizza Guys have a military discount?

Every retired veteran of the military along with all active-duty military officers would want to avail of this discount. Pizza Guys, with their delectable range of pizzas and other mouth-watering items, does provide a series of discounts. But, we are unfortunate on this one. Pizza Guys does not give any special promotional coupons or huge discounts to military families or veterans themselves.

Do Pizza Guys have a student discount?

Every student, especially if you are in college would love to hang out in places that provide a student discount. Most pizza corners or cafes have a policy for student discounts that give a particular percentage off for the students. But that is not how the minds at Pizza Guys work. Pizza Guys offer special deals and offer that give a high percentage off of the food items, but they do not provide discounts to high school or college-going students. Pizza Guys does not give discounts exclusively to students. 

Do Pizza Guys have a senior discount policy?

If you are wondering whether the senior citizen is given discounted prices or promotional coupons at Pizza Guys, we have got the answer ready for you. Unfortunately, it is a no. Here at Pizza Guys, senior citizens, college students, everyone gets huge everyday value offers, deals, and coupons with super discounted prices, but they don't get such offers for being who they are. Normal deals and everyday values could be availed easily though and it is applicable for every sector of the pizza-loving sector. 

Do Pizza Guys have teacher discounts?

No, unfortunately, Pizza Guys does not provide offers and discounts for teachers. Some might, but Pizza Guys believe in the equality of every sector and promote it in a bet4ter way.

Do Pizza Guys have a special discount?

Being a master at providing huge deals and discounts in general, the Pizza Guys provides a special discount. Their menu section has a category called the Specials. There they provide discounts and offers on everyday deals. For example, they provide discounts on purchasing two medium pizza with own choice of toppings.

Does Pizza Guys have BOGO deal?

Yes, undoubtedly Pizza Guys provide an amazing BOGO deal. Now, you can purchase a large or even XL pizza from the Pizza Guys menu list. Additionally, you get another pizza of the same size, having lesser or more value than the other one for free! All you have to do is enter the code ‘BOGOFREE' in the coupon code box present on the main webpage. This is how you can avail the BOGO deal.

Do Pizza Guys have the first-order discount?

We have good news for you all! Pizza Guys does provide some discount for every first order. But it is true for almost every other restaurant. What makes Pizza Guys special and what brings the good news is the fact that along with providing a discount for your first order, you do not have to pay anything for delivery. Yes, you get free delivery and a discount! How great does that sound?

How do you use Pizza Guys coupons online?

You can easily use the Pizza Guys coupons online. There are two methods that you can try to enter your coupon code. One of the ways to use the coupons is to enter the code on the main page of the Pizza Guys site where it shows, “Coupon Code”. The other way is the most applied method. Here you have to enter the coupon code in the options box that says “Coupon Code” at the time of checkout. 

Pizza Guys Rewards

Recently Pizza Guys have updated their rewards policy. For every dollar spent, you earn 10 points. And every time you earn 1500 points, you will be rewarded with a free pizza. However, these points expire after a period of 6months. We advise you to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly that might change within a notice of 30days.

Pizza Guys Returns

No such return policy has been mentioned here. You don't need to worry about that because Pizza Guys assure you nothing will lead to you returning the parcel. However, if anything goes wrong and you have to return the order, it won't be a problem. You can return the order within a time limit and will get your desired order. In such cases, the amount would be adjusted.

Pizza Guys Locations

The famous Pizza Guys are spread wide across California, Nevada, Oregon, and huge parts of Washington. Ontario for example has 3 stores for a population of 173,212 people. Moreno Valley and Glendale have 4 stores each. Hence, there are more than 60 locations for Pizza Guys. What are you waiting for, search for a nearby store today and order!

Pizza Guys Gift Card

You can purchase an e-gift card from Pizza Guys to gift to your loved ones. You can gift yourself an e-gift card at the end of the week to enjoy a heavenly pizza from the Pizza Guys.

Pizza Guys shopping tips

There are no such tips for shopping for purchasing from Pizza Guys. You have a large array of pizzas and other items to choose from. You can create your meal with your choice of toppings and sauce and sides. Other than that you should look out for various discounts, deals, and offers and apply them properly while checking out or at the beginning of creating the order.

Do Pizza Guys have a deal of the day?

Yes, the Pizza Guys offer amazing deals and offer daily so that you can enjoy every day, any time.

Do Pizza Guys have 50% off?

Yes! It goes without saying that Pizza Guys provide 50% off codes. Though not every day you can get such offers. On special events and occasions, Pizza Guys give 50% off on some or all items.