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Discount Description
FREE PIZZA Now! Win a FREE Cheese Large Pizza - Free Pizza Giveaway
FREE REWARDS Receive FREE 50 points , Just Make Sign up for "Joe Sent Me Rewards"
$10 ONLY Now!! Family Pizzeria Treat $10
$8.99 ONLY Grab Italian Beef For Just $8.99
$7.49 ONLY Breaded Mushrooms On Richton Park Only For $7.49

Aurelio’s Pizza

Aurelio's Pizza is an unparalleled restaurant that has been providing splendid meals since 1959. "Tell 'em Joe Sent Me," the company's motto reads. Aurelio's Pizza operates on a warranted basis, making it convenient for business owners to start their own Aurelio's Pizza location. 

Aurelio's Pizza began in 1959, when Joe Aurelio thought of creating his pizza shop in Homewood, Illinois. This facility opened its doors to any eager guests, with only four tables and a small kitchen with a single oven. Although pizza was still a relatively new idea in Illinois at the time, Joe began experimenting with dough, crust, and toppings. 

Joe was still around, amidst his relative growth, physically controlling the food quality supplied. Joe chose to franchise the concept of Aurelio's Pizza in 1974, making it the fifth pizza franchise firm in the United States. Aurelio's Pizza was growing at this moment, establishing dozens of additional outlets. Joe, on the other hand, was busy building a big flagship restaurant, which opened its doors to the public in 1977 as the world's largest pizzeria.

In today's challenges, Aurelio's Pizza has continued to increase its store count while also improving its operational capabilities. Aurelio's Pizza did not appear to be backtracking but rather continued on its path of development.

Aurelio’s Pizza Menu

Aurelio's Pizza may be cooked in two ways: frozen and thawed. Aurelio's Pizza specializes in thin-crust Chicago-style pizza and fresh spinach calabrese, which they enhance with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. If Chicago-style pizza fascinates you, and you want to leave your taste buds in awe of the pizza, then Aurelio’s Pizza is an ideal place for you.

  • For pizzas, they serve Chicken Pizza, Spinach Pizza, Taco Pizza, Stuffed Cheese Pizza. Easy Margherita Pizza is created from scratch using yeast-free, thin-crust pizza dough and topped with a classic virgin tomato sauce, pure mozzarella cheese, and basil. Their gluten-free pizza dough recipe is quick and simple, making it great for pizza night at home!
  • Aurelio's Pizza has a broad range of sandwiches, like Aurelio's Italian submarine sandwich, Homemade meatball sandwich, Chicken sandwich, Ham sandwich, and other options.
  • They also feature a large selection of pasta, such as Mostaccioli, Chicken Alfredo, Spaghetti, Cheese ravioli, Fettuccine, and many more.
  • Bottled water, Mug root beer, Mountain Dew,  Pepsi, Sierra Mist, and other beverages are available at Aurelio's Pizza.
  • If you want to have dessert at Aurelio's pizza, you've come to the perfect spot because they also provide chocolate chip cookies, cannoli, and oatmeal cookies.

Does Aurelio’s Pizza have Military Discount?

Whether you like it or not, Aurelio's Pizza is an appealing brand that offers a variety of promotions to its committed customers. Even though there isn't a specific discount code for military members and veterans, hundreds of other coupons may be used to replace this deal. Please keep in mind that certain holidays, such as Veterans Day, are always observed. More promotions for veterans and active military people may be found on Aurelio's Pizza's official website. We can only hope that Aurelio's Pizza will include a few coupons intended just for veterans.

Does Aurelio’s Pizza have Student Discount?

You may save a lot of money on your pizza binge if you look closer. Their student discounts are nothing short of amazing. The Incredible Pizza offers a 15% student discount, giving your wallet some wiggle room. They don't have a consistent student discount, but they throw surprises with their student special promo codes once in a while.  A student discount is significantly more likely to be given out in a location near a school or playground. Simply keep an eye out for general promotional materials that the pizza outlets may provide.

Does Aurelio’s Pizza have Senior Discount?

After some study, we discovered that Aurelio's Pizza does not offer senior discounts on a countrywide scale. That implies there is no universal senior offer that can be redeemed at any outlet. In turn, you should be aware that Aurelio's Pizza provides its franchisees with a great deal of freedom. That example, you may see that individual senior discounts are only accessible in a particular outlet. The good thing about this pizza restaurant business is that it has enticing senior membership deals. Seniors who fulfill the age criteria are invited to join and begin claiming discounts and promo coupons. 

Does Aurelio’s Pizza have Teacher Discount?

Aurelio’s Pizza does not have universal teacher discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not show a teacher discount. However, to acknowledge an educator’s contribution Aurelio’s Pizza occasionally comes up with special promo codes up to 20% off on weekends’ afternoons for teachers at some of its outlets. On special occasions meant for teachers,  they give great discounts to all educators at all outlets. Teachers can avail themselves of these promo codes and discounts by showing a valid ID proof at reception.

Does Aurelio’s Pizza have a special Discount?

What makes Aurelio's Pizza so popular across the country, is its approach to special promotions and bonuses. It's no surprise that Aurelio's Pizza has a stunning selection of special offers for its clients.  You should be aware that there are many additional offers available. This feature is known as E-Club, and it provides considerable advantages and incentives to all clients. Beginning with your first order at Aurelio's Pizza, you will begin to accumulate points that may be utilized as discounts on future orders. The great thing about E-Club is that it also allows Aurelio's Pizza customers to place free orders after accumulating enough points.

Does Aurelio’s Pizza have a First Order Discount?

When it comes to the first-order offer, Aurelio's Pizza's E-Club may be beneficial. All new customers who register there receive a total of 50 points, which they can utilize on other meals. The good thing about this deal is that it entitles all first-time orders to unique discounts that differ by location. While some outlets provide a 10% discount, others focus on certain menu items. With so many Aurelio's Pizza first-order discounts available, it's evident that they value prospective customers.

Does Aurelio’s Pizza have a BOGO deal?

If you want to get a decent discount on your meal at Aurelio's Pizza, you need to be aware of the BOGO deal. It essentially means Buy One Get One Free, and they are limited-time offers that appear only at certain locations. Aurelio's Pizza occasionally provides complimentary discounts, such as a $10 bonus. When you purchase a $50 gift card, you will receive a Treat Yourself card, which you may use to get free pizza. This offer is available on a limited number of items and you can always check for the best offers on their website or by contacting the nearest outlet to you. 

Does Aurelio’s Pizza have free delivery?

Aurelio's Pizza offers both takeaway food and delivery choices to its customers, so you can just step into any of their locations or order by dialing them or logging into their website. Unfortunately, because they utilize a third-party delivery partner, they do not provide any free delivery options. However, you can always find discounts on their websites that will help you achieve free delivery, and they may even present you with certain incentives in which you will get free delivery if your order exceeds a certain amount.

How to use Aurelio’s Pizza coupons online

Finding high discount coupons while you're starving is a major steal deal, especially when it's from such a large fast-food restaurant as Aurelio's Pizza. Fortunately, they provide coupons and promotions all year long so that you may enjoy their unique meals at a reasonable price. Aurelio's  Pizza offers a large number of coupons that are simple to redeem. You may utilize them at both their online and offline locations. Simply add your purchase products to the basket and copy and paste the coupon code while checking out and before paying to utilize their coupon code for substantial reductions on your bill. Talk to the waiter before ordering if you're ordering from their store.

Aurelio’s Pizza Rewards

Every brand honors and appreciates its customers' contributions to the brand's growth. Aurelio's Stars cards provide meaningful rewards for Aurelio's Pizza's devoted customer base. This card can be redeemed at any Aurelio's Pizza location. You may earn one point for every dollar spent at any of their stores when you use this rewards program. Once you have accumulated 100 points at any of their offline locations, the points will be turned into a $10 Aurelio's Reward on the card. Within 120 days, you can redeem this reward by buying online or in-store.

Aurelio’s Pizza Returns

Another outstanding aspect that distinguishes Aurelio's Pizza is its commitment to client satisfaction initiatives. Any unnecessary order or faulty food will be easily replaced while eating in. Alternatively, you may always request a refund. In the case of online delivery, Aurelio's Pizza continues to replace any orders that are reported to be incorrect. Your order is one of the most important factors for replacement, but it is not the only one.

  • Cold
  • Irrelevant or degraded
  • Undercooked
  • Overcooked
  • Not as per the order placed.

With such a focus on customer satisfaction, you may always return an irrelevant order.

Aurelio’s Pizza locations

Aurelio's Pizza has three corporate-owned outlets and nearly 37 restaurant locations in six states, including Addison, Portage, Naperville, Ramsey, Griffith, Chicago, Tinley Park, Homewood, Crown Point, Villa Park, Winfield, and others. Aurelio's Pizza is headquartered in Homewood, Illinois, in the United States. You may discover Aurelio's Pizza location near you by searching on their official website or directly on Google Maps. The discount coupons they provide regularly may be utilized at both their local stores and their websites.

Aurelio’s Pizza Gift card

It is rare to find someone who does not appreciate a wonderful pizza, and if you have someone in your life who enjoys pizza, the best gift you can give them is a meal at Aurelio's Pizza, which has many flavored pan crusts and a variety of topping options. And you can now do it with ease by using gift cards. Gift cards provide a fantastic opportunity for the receiver to sample a restaurant's menu items completely free of charge. Thankfully, Aurelio's Pizza offers gift certificates to their devoted consumers, which can be found on their official website or in their locations.

Aurelio’s Pizza Shopping Tips

When it is about shopping tips, each trip to Aurelio's Pizza should be special. In that regard, you may prepare by analyzing the two most important factors, such as allergy information and accessible promos. You can find a separate table containing complete nutritional and allergy information can on a dedicated area of Aurelio's Pizza's website. The second suggestion we provide is one about discounts. As you may already be aware, Aurelio's Pizza offers a plethora of promos and vouchers to its clients. Keep in mind that you may access the majority of them when using the E-Club app on your mobile device.

Does Aurelio’s Pizza have Deal of the day?

Aurelio's Pizza keeps its clients entertained with regular specials and discounts. Almost every day, they update their bargains and discount offers for their customers. On special occasions, they frequently have the deal of the day discounts, but they are only available for a limited time, so you must act quickly. If you want to know about the current offer of the day, you may go to their website and obtain the information you need.

Does Aurelio’s Pizza have 50% off?

Offers and discounts from Aurelio's Pizza are tied to the dish. You're continually getting interesting deals on your food. They provide 50% off chosen goods on important occasions for a limited period, and you may also consider the BOGO deal to be a 50% off sale. You may, however, check for coupon codes online that will provide you with the same or even a better discount on your orders with numerous discounts.